Taurus G3 Compact FDE 9mm Luger Pistol

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Taurus G3 For Sale

Buy cheap Taurus g3 9mm Gun for sale at Best ammo shop for $299.99 .The Taurus® G3 Full-Size Semi-Auto Pistol is the ideal home-guard gun. Including a standard polymer edge and steel-compound slide, this gun offers liberal texturing patches and an ergonomic palm expand for a solid nonslip grasp and further developed control. Side-outline Memory Pads convey speedy, instinctive hand situating.


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 Taurus G3 Review 

Taurus G3 in Stock 

The Taurus G3 is a 9mm firing tip autoloader, in a full profile configuration, with generously textured grip patches for greater control and grip in any conditions, ergonomic palm and side memory pads to give quick positioning and positive hand. The rim has a coordinating Pica-tinny rail. A manual safety and carriage release switch are ideally located above the thumb for easy control. A refined component of the G3 is the 6 lbs. trigger pull, planned with smooth shooting and surprisingly interesting total separation that exceeds the trigger pull of the normal shooter. A quick reset leads to the next fast, controlled shot.

Taurus G3 Upgrades

The Taurus G3 Compact FDE 9mm Luger Pistol has a polymer grip and a steel slide. The pistol has a fixed front white dot sight and a serrated drift adjustable back sight.

Features and Benefits

  • Fixed front white dot sight
  • Serrated drift adjustable back sight
  • Semiautomatic action with 12- round capacity
  • FDE polymer grip
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Includes three 12-round magazines
  • Tenifer matte black finish
  • Steel slide


Taurus G3
Taurus G3

Taurus G3
Taurus G3

Taurus G3 Specifications

Manufacturer’s Warranty – Parts: Limited Lifetime
Manual safety: Yes
Manufacturer’s Warranty – Labor: Limited Lifetime
Item Length (inch): 6.3
Item Width (inch): 1.2
Item Level (inch): 5.1
Manufacturer’s Warranty – General Information: Limited Lifetime



Taurus G3 problems ?

  •    Probably the most inevitable problem people experience with the Taurus G3 is the inability to care for them. This issue is affected by the type of ammunition used. Numerous customers find that they make some of the simplest souvenirs using metal case bullets, with a composite nickel gasket giving them more trouble

Is Taurus G3 better than Glock 19 ? 

  • The G3 is a bit longer, to some extent taller, to some extent heavier and to some extent larger than its opponents. The G3 is supposed to go up against the Glock 19, but its key advantage is in the showdown. The G3 doesn’t cost exactly around half the price of the Austrian pistol, and if the match set is serviceable, it’s noticeably less reliable.

Important Product and Safety Information

  • You should be an occupant of the state chose for pickup.
  • We suggest the utilization of defensive eyewear while utilizing or close to the utilization of this thing.
  • Guns bought online are delivered to your neighborhood Best Ammo Shop as chosen in the checkout cycle.
    If it’s not too much trouble, note that all gun buys require substantial US government provided ID and related gun administrative work.

23 reviews for Taurus G3 Compact FDE 9mm Luger Pistol

  1. Works like it is supposed to

    I will only use factory Glock Magazines. I have never had a failure using them

  2. I recently purchased KelTec sub 2000 in 40 S&W with a full auto switch and this mfr recommendation. It performs flawlessly.

  3. best Xmas purchase thanks Glocks Nation you guys are the best

  4. so glad this came through to Saudi Arabia safe for that matter i will look forward in order more this time i will buy my bitcoin before placing order sorry for the delay with my order

  5. so glad this came through to Saudi Arabia safe for that matter i will look forward in order more this time i will buy my bitcoin before placing order sorry for the delay with my order

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