Taurus 9mm G2C Pistol

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Product Name Taurus G2C 9mm BLK 3.2″ Barrel 12+1
Brand Taurus
Caliber 9mm
Action Striker Fire
Barrel 3.00″ – 5.99″


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Taurus G2C 9mm BLK 3.2″ Barrel 12+1

Taurus 9mm G2C, Striker Fired, semi-programmed, polymer frame pistol, compact, 9 mm, 3.2 “barrel, matte finish, black, adjustable sights, manual thumb safety, 12 rounds, 2 magazines 1-G2C931-12 ( command)

The Taurus 9mm G2C has been carefully designed for the disguise market, with every element aimed at comfort, concealability and uncompromising quality. It is a single-activity autoloader (with reset capability), loaded in 9mm, with standard elements including an additional vital rail, movable rear positions, a stacked chamber marker, a trigger lock and a 12-shot limit.

The overall design is smooth and ergonomic, ideal for ordinary carrying. Item no. 1-G2C931-12 UPC 7-25327-61603-0 Frame Size Capacity Compact 12 rds Action Type SA wRestrike Bore 9MM LUGER Height 5.10 Width 1.20 Weight 22.00 oz. Barrel Length 3.20 Overall Length 6.30 Front Sight Fixed Adjustable Safety Sight Sight Manual Safety Shot Lock Safety Trigger Safety Loaded Chamber Indicator

The Taurus G3X compact 9mm
taurus g2c 9mm


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Assuming you’ve come to looking for 9mm Taurus pistols and flounces, you’ve come to the perfect place., the largest arms sales site in the world, has a wide variety of 9mm Taurus pistols and pistols from the prestigious Brazilian arms manufacturer Taurus International. Engaged by numerous police officers every day of the week, as well as military, pursuers, sport shooters and ordinary people looking for a reliable personal and home protection option, the 9mm Taurus line of pistols and pistols is a popular choice among several background. .

Taurus has long been at the forefront of weapon design and innovation, producing its most memorable pistol in 1941. Located in Porto Alegre, Brazil, but with several global divisions, remembering one for the United States, pistols are in demand 9 mm Taurus. the whole world Perhaps the best known model is the Taurus PT all day, every day, which illustrates the range of decisions that Taurus offers its customers. Every minute of every day arrives in minified, standard and OSS formats; the latter option won the National Rifle Association’s Handgun of the Year award in 2005. All Day, Every Day is also crafted from 9x19mm, .40 Smith and Wesson Parabellum and chambered for .45 ACP cartridges. There is no great explanation for needing a 9mm Taurus pistol, you will surely find the model you are looking for, as this adaptability is normal for most of their guns. In addition to the PT every minute of every day, you can choose a 9mm Taurus pistol in any of the attached models: 1911, 709, 809, 111, 92 and 905, just to name a small group. Choose your size, room and style with Taurus and you will be sure to be satisfied with the purchase of your gun.

Find the 9mm Taurus pistol you are looking for by browsing the listings below from the many reputable and educated sellers on Remember, in case you don’t see the specific 9mm Taurus you’re looking for today, our dealers are continually releasing new items available for purchase, so check back often to find a great deal on that awesome 9mm Taurus that’s just right. the same. that you need to bring home.

taurus g3 9mm

The Taurus 9mm® G3 series continues the proven polymer profile profile now in a crisscross design with a smooth grip and free-weave patches on the handle for greater control and support in any shooting condition, but with a one-size-fits-all slide. . The rim has a coordinating Picatinny rail. The slide switch is ideally positioned above the thumb for easy control.
The G3c is currently offered without a manual safety.
A refined component of the G3 is the 6 lbs. trigger pull, planned with smooth shooting and surprisingly interesting total separation that surpasses the shooter’s normal trigger pull. A short reset advances fast and controlled tracking shots.

9mm drum magazine taurus

Taurus G2, G3, PT111 taurus 9MM 50 Round Drum
  • 50-round drum magazine
  • For 9 mm Taurus® G2, G3, G2c, G3c, PT-111 pistol
  • DuPont® Zytel ™ based restrictive polymer magazine body
  • Tower with top loader in blue steel
  • Adherent to the magazine formed by infusion
  • Magazine spring with tempered and heat treated steel frame
  • Made in the USA
  • To fit the G3, the spacer must be removed.

taurus g3 9mm drum magazine Good deal

ProMag Taurus G2C PT111 9mm round drum magazine 50

The ProMag Taurus PT 111 G2C 50-round 9mm drum magazine features a steel-coated DuPont ™ Zytel® polymer body. This high-limit drum shovel offers unmatched strength and uncompromising quality and long life in virtually any weather. This magazine fits a significant number of the popular Taurus configuration such as the G2c, G3, G3C, PT111 and PT111 G2 pistols. It also has an intensively treated chrome-plated silicon wire spring that ensures the infused polymer backing works flawlessly for reliable care. This drum offers an amazing 50-stroke limit of 9mm compared to the Taurus configuration. These drums are made in the United States.

taurus g3 9mm drum magazine

ProMag Taurus G2C PT111 9mm round drum magazine 50

The ProMag Taurus PT 111 G2C 50-round 9mm drum magazine features a steel-coated DuPont ™ Zytel® polymer body. This high-limit drum shovel offers unmatched strength and uncompromising quality and long life in virtually any weather. This magazine fits a significant number of the popular Taurus configuration such as the G2c, G3, G3C, PT111 and PT111 G2 pistols. It also has an intensively treated chrome-plated silicon wire spring that ensures the infused polymer backing works flawlessly for reliable care. This drum offers an amazing 50-stroke limit of 9mm compared to the Taurus configuration. These drums are made in the United States.

Taurus G3 9mm Pistol Review

Successes And Failures

Eventually there will be several surveys of the Taurus G3 pistol on this page. What follows is the main audit, with the new firearm out of the case, clean and ready to fire.

My exam standard is three other 9mm firearms I own: a Remington RP9, a Canik TP9SF, and a Smith and Wesson M2.0. Two of those firearms also had a low price.

They all reliably fire each of the 5 ammunition types in this audit.

The Taurus G3 9mm pistol, as you might expect, is fast becoming one of the best known weapons in the United States and, in the wake of the G2 series, has shown a lot of commitment. Tragically for this object of exploration, none of them could reveal the weapon.

I am not unpacking here and giving details. You can see all of this in 1,000 different places.

I’ll be short and precise to avoid stretching myself.

Assuming you want to watch the video below, it’s loooooonnnngggg. About half an hour. Nothing left out. You will probably try to find what went wrong with the gun.


Assuming you prefer to watch the Taurus G3 video on YouTube, where you can purchase my feed and be notified of additional postings, go ahead and do so too. The connection will open in a different tab, so you can watch the video and read here for reference.

Ammunition used to test the Taurus G3 9mm

I used Blazer Brass 115 FMJ pellet ammunition, Independence 115 FMJ pellet ammunition with aluminum case, Winchester USA Forged Steel Case 115 FMJ pellet ammunition, Monarch 124 JHP ammunition with metal case and Hornady Critical Defense Extraordinary Tip ammunition with case in metal from 115 HP.


We apologize for the nature of some of these photos. They are screenshots of a video made in extremely difficult lighting conditions.

The Taurus G3 9mm pistol on target

I placed the gun on some targets about 9 feet away, to uncover the firearm and have a quick focal point.

The picture shows how each type of cartridge performed, finishing 5 of each on the targets. There are no problems with any ammo types at this early stage.

Taurus G3 shooting jacket in brass

In the beginning, these were the ammunition I used to test general activity, how well I could shoot and test for any disappointments.

The gun passed 100 Blazer Brass rounds with no problem, with slow discharge, medium fire and last quick discharge with a steel profile. That’s where it showed its true potential.


Taurus G3 Pistol Shot Independence ammunition in aluminum box

The pistol fired Independence 115 fine-grained ball round ammunition, similar in consistency and accuracy. No disappointment.

Disadvantage: 100 percent of the 100-round aluminum shells hit my head, shoulders and chest.


Winchester USA ammunition with forged steel case in the Taurus G3

This ammunition was fine with regards to accuracy. No problem with point and focal point.

Problem: 3 missed heals between slow, long range finish and a close range finish hand.


Taurus G3 delusions with monarch metal case, hollow point coated with 115 grains

Jams occurred over and over again, with the shot sticking to the side of the barrel instead of piling up. He made 50 rounds for the Monarch, with disappointments every couple of hits.


With some failures, the bullet never pushed up to load.

They just stuck at the lower edge of the feed ramp and wouldn’t move.

For each of these disappointments, the magazine must be dropped, the round removed, the magazine reinserted.

Taurus G3 9mm Pistol With Hornady 115 JHP FTX Critical Defense

I won’t exhaust you here by showing you indistinguishable images from the one above. In just 20 shots from Hornady, the weapon was neglected a couple of times, with the circumstance shown. The exhausted box was catapulted, the next round got stuck at the bottom of the power slope, without climbing.

Conclude this first review of the Taurus G3:

All firearms audits are stories. This is a gun in a poll. Overall though, it was the frustrating result of a firearm that I expected better of.

It is not the end. Being a new firearm, out of case for this first survey, I’ll work on it a little more. Check if there is anything quantifiable that solves the problem. For another strategic attacker, however, the unloaded cannon, unloaded from the container, cleaned, lubricated, and primed, was a weapon that bombed the most basic region.

Not just disappointments with 3 out of 5 unique ammo types.

However, explicitly, disappointment with self-preservation ammunition. Disappointments that render the weapon unusable for true transport and self-protection if it is not resolved.

Toro G3 Second review

After the main scoping meeting and the survey, I did whatever it took to further develop what might affect the disappointments I faced. An exceptionally sharp feed slope, which is intensified by a deep curve and sharp outbreaks, may have contributed to the problem. To make sure it wasn’t a problem, I went through the following steps:

Further development of the Taurus G3 feeding ramp

I got a bad habit of the barrel of my gun and brought a 600 grit car sandpaper shifted up the slope. I gently slipped it over the sharp bottom edge and the actual slope. I then took an auger and an abrasive paste to further smooth the surface.

I finally completed the slope by turning the clean on a mirror casing with chrome clean. The results?

I’ve tried a few additional types of ammo, with a similar disappointment rate to the main test.

In short, a more elaborate execution with two types of blanks, but a disappointment with an exceptional third blank.

The video below provides the subtleties.


Final Summary On The Taurus G3 9mm:

As much as people tried to redirect the logic that the gun was hopelessly dropped with five types of ammunition, it was clear that it was “special ammunition,” so to speak.

He worked perfectly with 6 guys. Unfortunately bombed with 5 guys. This is clear.

The funny thing is that the weapon is actually usable. It will work 100 percent with enough ammo types to put it into direct certified use and is definitely reasonable for a weapon in range and readiness.

Overall, I could have given the gun an A + rating.

All I can handle is to call it below average in terms of strength for a wide variety of ammo.

taurus 1911 9mm and Taurus 9mm


Aiming to become the standard that all 1911 pistols are compared to, the Taurus 1911 offers you the most reliable and loaded model available today. Starting with our sledges made with steel hoops, slides and barrels not suitable for throwing weapons. Our expert gunsmiths hand assemble and assemble each gun on our best-in-class production line. Currently available in 9mm, this powerful and unwavering weapon is ready from the start. The 9mm Taurus 1911 is a superb sidearm that also packs a nice punch.

The Taurus G3X AndTaurus 9mm Review: A Great Pistol for a Great Price

This honest smaller 9mm was one of the features of our 2022 firearm test, perceive how it did on the reach

The Taurus G2c compact 9mm
The Taurus 9mm G2c compact 9mm

If there was a handgun in our review of the best handguns of 2022 that exceeded expectations the most, it was the Taurus 9mm G3X. We shot the hell out of the whole field of new full-size, compact, and micro-compact handguns, and when the dust settled, the G3X was a pistol that stood out to the entire

This essential tuarus 9mm is a simple and reasonable pistol designed to compete with the Glock G19 (which hits it heavily). It is a molded polymer percussion pistol that comes with two 15-round magazines. The Taurus G3X has some similarities to the G19, which essentially sets the standard in this classification, but it also has some key differences that set it aside. Plus, the G3X comes at an extraordinary cost.

Toro G3X Specifications

Taurus 9mm
taurus 9mm
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 15+1 rounds
  • Barrel: Stainless Steel, 3.2-inch
  • Dimensions: 6.3 inches (L) x 5.2 inches (H) x 1.2 inches (W)
  • Weight: 22.6 ounces
  • Frame: Polymer
  • Slide: Alloy steel
  • Finish: Tenifer matte black
  • Grip: Stipple texture
  • Sights: Fixed front, serrated steel drift-adjustable rear
  • Trigger: Single Action with re-strike capability, Safety Bar, 5 pounds, 8 ounces (measured)
The Taurus G3X has a 3.2-inch barrel
The Taurus G3X has a 3.2-inch barrel

The Taurus G3X Brings Competitive Features at a Great Value

The attacker’s range of low-discharge weapons is awash with comparable-looking weapons that have similar elements and can basically do exactly the same things. It is an unstoppable market and it is extremely intense for individual weapons to break. Qualifications are in many cases made up of a combination of a few good elements and costs. The Taurus G3X performs well in both regions.

Speaking of size, the G3X has a noticeably more limited barrel than many lower-rated guns. Its 3.2-inch barrel is about an inch more limited than the 4.02-inch long Glock G19 barrel, and most shortened guns have 3.8- to 4-inch barrels. Although the barrel length is closer to what you’ll find in the smaller miniatures classification, the grip length and case are measured to hold 15-round magazines, a similar limit to that of the G19. The slightly more limited barrel would certainly have an effect on comfort and versatility when carrying, especially with an additional carrying position.

Another standout component of the Taurus G3x is that it has “re-fire capability” and this really means that in case you take a light initial shot and the gun doesn’t fire, you can pull the trigger once more and it will lay the groundwork in the future. . While this is not a component that would likely be used normally, slight foreplay can occur in some cases. I had a primer that didn’t fire on the main shot with a few stacks of ammo because the primer wasn’t fully seated in the case.

The trigger pull of the G3X is excellent, and our example broke at 5 pounds, 8 ounces, a one-pound portion less than the 6-pound spread detail. Percussion pistols usually have a lot of movement before the trigger breaks, but this wasn’t really horrible. It includes a safety bar on the trigger that should be deterred to get the gun fired, and the trigger wipes clean and has a decent backup reset.

The Taurus G3X has re-strike capability
The Taurus G3X has re-strike capability

The Taurus G3X comes with two 15-round steel magazines and some people in our test group noted that the nature of the magazines was higher than they expected considering the cost of the weapon. Big magazines can be misjudged and ignored, however, bad ones can discolor the capability and notoriety of a generally extraordinary weapon. For example, another gun in our test had a magazine with a mount that was causing significant damage, and it’s hard to ignore that even with the best gun.

Overall, the Taurus G3X is just a simple, clean and beautiful pistol. In fact, even with the short barrel, it includes an additional lone rail on the front of the casing, low-profile sights, and a slightly angled slider profile for easy carrying and drawing. The hilt has a nice fine textured finish that provides a secure grip, and the rim has a tender rim-like care to prevent accidental slippage and a small notch to tidy up the thumb of the assisting hand on the casing.

Assuming I’ll be picky, the main taste component the gun could do without is the way the chronic number is etched into the barrel and glides, looking almost beaten the hard way. You look stupid with this weapon.

The Taurus G3X in the range

In a range of nearly 20 guns, the Taurus G3X really stood out once we started shooting. We found it to be accurate, reliable, and easy to fire, even in contrast to some considerably more expensive weapons.

We completed around 350 rounds of different ammunition through the Taurus G3X and everything worked reliably. We use 115 cargoes of grain from Federal Premium and U.S. Cartridge, 124-grain XTP Hornady Black cautious loads, 147-grain Winchester Fmj and, surprisingly, 147-grain Nosler ASP protected loads, all like clockwork. We drove the G3X hard and only occasionally gave it some CLP on the slide rails and oil barrel.

The surface of the cellar and the shapes of the casing made the weapon easy to fire and hold. From a presentation standpoint, the Taurus G3X fights in a surprisingly high level class. The recoil motivation is smooth for a shortened 9mm and the pistol is not difficult to control as it fires quickly and moves between targets. After keeping the gun warm for two days, we were very happy. It worked perfectly and everything was still close to the end of the interaction.

Field-stripped view of the Taurus G3X
Field-stripped view of the Taurus G3X

What the Taurus G3X does well

The Taurus G3X basically does what an underrated 9mm polymer shaped firing pin should do. Always take photos reliably at an incredible price. We didn’t know if we would see a viewing hole due to the cost and we’re happy to say no.

Where the Taurus G3X falls short

We had no objection to the presentation, however, a tidier chronic numerical engraving on the slide and barrel would give the gun a cleaner look and an optical cut would be the icing on the cake.

Final thoughts on the Taurus G3X

In some cases, modest means modest and lower costs mean you do a critical penance in terms of quality. This was not the impression we got from the Taurus G3X. The example we have kept close to other expensive weapons. Here and there was a more pleasant piece to roll than its rivals. You often get what is right, but with the Taurus G3X you get something more.

G2 taurus 9mm Video Description

Taurus g2c 9mm, Taurus 9mm upgrades

Taurus 9mm upgrade For Sale – Buy Taurus 9mm upgrade Online

Taurus G2C Holsters, IWB Kydex Holster Fits:Taurus G2C / Millennium PT111 G2 / PT140 9mm .40 Pistol, Inside Waistband Concealed Carry

Taurus™ Pistol Parts and Accessories · Stainless Recoil Assembly Guide Rod, for the 9mm Taurus G2C, G2S, G3C, G3X, and PT111 G2 · Made in USA – Stainless Steel

Best Taurus G2C Accessories and Upgrades: Ultimate List by Experts ; Truglo Taurus Tritium Pro Night Sight Set. All steel construction.

Taurus PT-111 and G2C Accessories · ProMag Taurus PT-111 G2c 15 Round Magazine 9mm Luger Steel Magazine Blued Finish · ProMag Taurus PT-111 G2c Magazine 9mm Luger

Taurus gx4 9mm price

Image result for Taurus g2c 9mm price
The Taurus Millennium G2, also called Taurus G2C, is a staple of the Brazilian organization. The weapon is manufactured in Brazil and imported by the Miami Taurus division. This gun is extremely popular in the US market for its price, with the Millennium G2c costing less than $ 250 in many stores.

Taurus 9mm pistols image Description

taurus 9mm slim
taurus 9mm slim

9mm taurus, TAURUS 9MM accessories

Looking for the best skins and ornaments for your Taurus weapons? We have the best spare parts for Taurus firearms at the best prices you will see on the web.

Taurus G2C holsters, IWB Kydex holster Fits: Taurus G2C / Millennium PT111 G2 / PT140 9mm .40 Pistol, hidden inner carrying belt 1.5 ″ -2 ″ Belt clip

Your all-inclusive Toro resource for all parts and finishes. … $ 26.99. prog. Taurus G3 / G3X 9MM 17 RDS charger.

jump Taurus Holsters and accessories: grips, recovery springs, magazines, parts and upgrades for all Taurus models. Transport WORLDWIDE!

Taurus ™ Gun Parts & Accessories Stainless Steel Mounting Rail Rod for Taurus G2C, G2S, G3C, G3X and PT111 G2 9mm Made in USA

Best Taurus G2c Holster: Amberide IWB KYDEX Holster Best Trigger Upgrade: Keep Tinkering Standard SAO Short Stroke Trigger Best Taurus G2c …
The list includes:

Taurus compact 9mm specification

With its lightweight polymer frame, thin profile, and ramped 3.2″ barrel, this G2C is the ideal concealed carry handgun. The G2C features an accessory rail, high-profile sights with a fixed front, an aggressive, textured grip and melted edges for added comfort and easy concealment. It has a loaded chamber indicator, manual and trigger safety. This G2C model has a stainless slide finish with a black frame.

UPC 725327616047
Weight 1.4 LBS.
Barrel Length 3.2″ BARREL
Capacity 12 ROUNDS
Caliber 9MM LUGER (9X19 PARA)


The Taurus G2S is a handgun that’s easy to carry and is a decent weapon for self-defense. The easy-to-use trigger, large size and weight, nice gripping surface and narrow edges make it an excellent covered carrying weapon. Being worth your money is assured.

MSRP: $301.52. Rear Sight: Adjustable- 2 Dots.
Many of those who want to buy a weapon are moving in the direction of Taurus out of reasonableness. All things considered,. Pocket 380 ACP firearms sell for under $ 200, and you can get a Taurus 1911 for under $ 500. Put simply, there aren’t many other legitimate gun manufacturers that can compete with Taurus’ estimate.
That said, at a travel cost of $ 250, it’s a chance for those looking for a firearm and on a tight budget. The high-limit nine-millimeter guns first became familiar with society at large as firearms.

7 reviews for Taurus 9mm G2C Pistol

5.0 Rating
1-5 of 6 reviews
  1. Works like it is supposed to

    I will only use factory Glock Magazines. I have never had a failure using them

  2. I recently purchased KelTec sub 2000 in 40 S&W with a full auto switch and this mfr recommendation. It performs flawlessly.

  3. One is none a lot is better.

    Great if your in a commie state having plenty of these is good.

  4. One is none a lot is better.

    Great if your in a commie state having plenty of these is good.

  5. I bought glock switch and these magazines to compliment the 10-round magazines that came with my pistol. The 15-round mags are identical in dimension as the 10-round except for the capacity and function perfectly.

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