Ruger LCRx Matte .357 Magnum


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Ruger LCRx Matte .357 Magnum

The diminutive Ruger LCRx double-action revolver packs a powerful punch. And with its wide variety of ammunition types, it’s a particularly compelling platform. The entire series looks superficially similar. But for starters, there are actually two different frames materials. Let’s explore them.

The bigger caliber .357 Magnum (5 rounds), 9 mm Luger (5 rounds) and .327 Federal Magnum (6 rounds) models use 400-series stainless steel that’s noted for its crystalline structure and corresponding tensile strength. The slightly less powerful .22 LR (8 rounds), .22 Magnum (6 rounds) and .38 Special +P (5 rounds) models have frames made of aerospace industry aluminum to save weight.

Ruger LCRx barrels come in two sizes built around either a 3.00” or a 1.87” length barrel. The longer 3.00” barrel guns weigh 15.7 ounces, are 5.80” tall and have an overall length of 7.50”. The smaller 1.87” barrel guns weigh 13.5 ounces, are 4.50” tall and have an overall length of 6.50”.

Look at the Ruger LCRx, and you’ll see mostly curved lines. While there are some straight lines, there’s an abundance of curves that cascade easily from one surface to another, connecting the muzzle area to the rounded trigger guard to the grip’s indentations and reverse slope curved handle, etc. Naturally, the trigger is also curved. And then there’s the complex of curves of the revolver cylinder. It’s an intriguing design. It’s even fluted. This saves weight, but also add some elegance to this package.

Except the trigger and hammer, the gun is black. The frame is matte black. The PVD finished cylinder is black. The rubber grip is black.

Various calibers come with one or two barrel lengths, which also typically impacts the sight. Sight choices are a pinned white-bar serrated ramp sight in front and either a U-Notch or an adjustable black blade sight in back. Shorter barrels get the U-Notch while the longer ones have room for the adjustable one.

Specifically, the calibers are as follows: .357 Magnum (1.87” U-Notch and 3” Adjustable), 9 mm Luger (1.87” U-Notch) and .327 Federal Magnum (1.87” U-Notch), .22 LR (3” Adjustable), .22 Magnum (1.87” U-Notch and 3” Adjustable) and .38 Special +P (1.87” U-Notch and 3” Adjustable)

Ruger likes working with Hogue, who makes grip sleeves, stocks, etc. Might as well leave it to the experts. So it’s no surprise that the Ruger LCRx has a texturized rubber Hogue grip sleeve with indentions for middle and ring fingers on the 1.87” barrel revolvers and a straight sleeve for the longer 3” barrel guns.

These guns are manufactured in Newport, New Hampshire and thus Made in USA.


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Ruger LCRx Matte .357 Magnum Ruger LCRx Matte .357 Magnum
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