Henry Color Case Hardened .45-70 Lever Action Rifle

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Product Description

Henry recognizes that the lever action world is a wide one, with all sorts of lever-gunners looking for all sorts of lever actions to fill all sorts of lever action needs and desires. They do their best to accommodate all of those segments among our customers, and if you happen to be a student of the Old West, or an admirer of the traditional looks (and nostalgia) of time-honored case hardened colors, we’ve got your corner covered with the Steel Color Cased models.

One of their most appealing steel frame finishes, the colors come from a genuine case-hardening process on frame and rifle-style fore-end cap that sets these rifles apart from their other blued models, without the bright “Here I am!” of the brass and silver rifles. In the woods, where they’re right at home, the deep bluing, dark walnut, and mottled case colors form their own basic camouflage that your Great Grandpa would have been very familiar with while hunting deer or elk, and Henry likes to think he would have been quite appreciative to have this Henry along.

Merging old with new, the profile of the Color Case Hardened rifles is conventional, and the two calibers are also long-established. The .30-30 dates back to 1894, the .45-70 to 1873, and while they may be considered ancient today, between those two calibers the modern hunter can handle anything from coyote to grizzly, with the right load.

The rifles themselves are built at Henry’s Rice Lake, Wisconsin, factory (where all the steel models are produced), 100% American, in traditional form with 20” octagonal barrels, adjustable buckhorn and bead sights, and checkered walnut furniture. The modern part comes from the quality steels Henry uses, the transfer bar safety, the Henry magazine tube loading, sling swivel studs, a drilled and tapped frame, and a ventilated rubber recoil pad. This would be considered a deluxe model in your Great Grandpa’s time, and if he were around today, you’d undoubtedly get an envious nod of approval.

Firearm Specifications

  • Model Number: H010CC
  • Action Type: Lever Action Rifle
  • Caliber: .45-70
  • Capacity: 4
  • Length: 40.4 in.
  • Pull Length: 14 in.
  • Barrel Length: 22 in.
  • Weight: 8.10 lbs.
  • Stock: American Walnut
  • Sights: Rear sight is Semi-Buckhorn and front sight is Brass Bead
  • Finish: Case Hardened

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