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GLOCK 30 S gun is effectively attached to a short casing (SF) with a reduced clamp size and thinner slide (S), with the powerful 45 Auto cartridge. Its smaller design and simple operation allow for hassle-free firing with a 45 Auto pistol that fits virtually any customer’s hands.

The GLOCK® 30 SF semi-automatic pistol is a self-loading subcompact pistol designed explicitly for covert use, firing with the .45 ACP pistol cartridge, a shot with proven striking power. The GLOCK 30 SF (Slim Frame) has a high strength polymer rim similar to other standard GLOCK self-loading pistols, however the periphery has been reduced in the rear strap region, reducing the distance between the trigger and the rear strap.

The G30 SF handles shooters with typical or more modest sized hands better, while still using a supercharged 45 ACP magazine. The casing has finger grooves on the front and rear tabs, providing a non-slip surface, and finger grooves on the front tie and a finger on the trigger dial aid in fire control.

The Safe-Action trigger system makes shooting in high pressure conditions reliable. The machined steel slide and barrel are treated with a matte dark Tenifer finish for outrageous protection against wear. The steel and polymer profile treated with Tenifer makes the gun impervious to the erosion of sweat and moisture when it is brought close to the body.

The slide runs on 4 solidified steel guides inside the case. A white speckled front sight and white section rear sight provide quick access in dimly lit circumstances. All GLOCK pistols fire effectively without the use of tools. The GLOCK 30 SF semi-automatic pistol is a robust and easy-to-maintain pistol, ideal for regular transport or as a support for law enforcement. The G30 SF comes with 2 supercharged 10-round magazines and also works with G30 and G21 magazines.

  • Thin frame plan
  • Subcompact for concealed transport
  • Colossal capacity in a freight forwarder
  • Safe action activation framework
  • Non-slip grip with grooved fingers
  • impenetrable to consumption
  • white viewfinder
  • Rear sight with white section
  • Field strips without devices
  • 2 super loaded magazines
  • Seller description

Available for purchase is a Glock 30S Gen 3 chambered in 45 ACP. It’s a superb self-protection weapon that isn’t hard to cover as it sneaks up on you all of a sudden. This single action pistol comes in the first case and comes with the owner’s manual and four 10-round magazines.



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glock 36 vs 30

  • I searched for this spot but couldn’t find it, so sorry if I repeat it.

I want to know why I should buy the G36 assuming the G30 looks quite similar but has four more rounds.

So how about we take a look at the skins, according to the Glock website?

glock 30

32.5mm / 1.27in
32mm / 1.26in

172mm / 6.77in Level
121mm / 4.76in

680g / 23.99oz
stacked (~)
960g / 33.86oz

glock 36

28.5mm / 1.13in
32mm / 1.26in LENGTH
172mm / 6.77in
121mm / 4.76in

570g / 20.11oz
stacked (~)
765g / 26.99oz


So, from what I see, the two significant contrasts are width and weight. G30 = 1.27 inch. wide, G36 = 1.13 inch. Wide
G30 (stacked) = 33.86 ounces, G36 (stacked) = 26.99 ounces

My question is: do these aspects have a significant effect? Has anyone tried both and had areas of strength for both of them?

I’m oriented towards the higher round limit but if you know something I don’t let me know: grin:

  • The 36 is single stack which allows for a thinner grip. Many people who don’t like the blocky Glock grips, like the 36 because of the slim grip… So if the 30 feels comfortable in your hand and you don’t mind the 7oz. weight difference go with the 30… For many people, the 7 oz. weight difference would be a big deal…
  • I would suggest keeping them or potentially shooting both to see which one suits you best. If you look at the numbers, it might not seem like a very noticeable difference, but when you actually hold them and try to cover them, what matters is very noticeable. Believe me, I own both the Glock 29 (10mm variant of the 30) and the Glock 36.

    Colt New Agent, Dan Wesson V-Bob, Glock 19,20SF, 23, 26, 27, 29, 30SF, 36, Kahr P380 with CT, PM9, PM45, CW9 (SOLD), Kel-Tec P32, P3AT, PF9 ( SOLD), Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II, Stainless Pro TLE / RL II (SOLD), Rohrbaugh R9s, Ruger LCP with CT, LCR, SP101 S&W J-Frame 638 with CT, M&P 340 with CT, Walther PPK / S

glock 19 30 round mag

This is a 33rd GLOCK Factory Extended Magazine for Glock Gen 3, 4, 5 pistols.

This extended Glock magazine fits all 9mm double stack models, including 17, 18, 19, 26, 34, 19x and 45 pistols.

Combining an impact resistant polymer construction with heavy duty steel inserts, numbered test holes and internal steel springs, Glock extended magazines are among the most reliable in the world.

Available in Black, Greyish Olive Green (OD) and Flat Dark Earth (FDE). OD and FDE come with an orange follower. Glock 9mm magazines are battle-tested and combat-ready, popular with law enforcement and military professionals around the world. Glock magazines are designed to break free and deliver ultra-reliable performance in any situation …

These 33-round extended magazines are the latest high-capacity factory Glock equipment. Constructed from the same tough polymer as other factory Glock magazines, with the same full-length steel inserts and numbered witness holes, these 33-round magazines are the ultimate addition to any 9mm Glock kit.

Designed to work with all 9mm Glock double stack pistols.

Glock magazines come with a very strong spring from the factory to ensure reliability in the toughest conditions. Magazines are sometimes a little difficult to load at first. However, after a few times of loading and unloading, the springs break well and it becomes much easier to load.

We recommend using a magazine loader to facilitate the loading process.

Get some 33-round extended magazines for your Glock kit today!

Shooting Review: The Glock 30S

Shooting Review: The Glock 30S
The Glock 30S

Whenever I got my hands on a Glock 30 pistol for the first time a long time ago, I noticed that it felt like I was holding a potato. The grip filled my hand and felt fat compared to other weapons I had wielded. Not horrible, just stronger than most. I probably preferred it since two or three months later I got one.

To be completely honest: the vast majority of the weapons I control are different from me and my investigation is about initial feelings. Not so with this one. I had a unique G30 before the delivery of the 30S and in 2014 I offered my G30 to get the G30S model. It is lighter and thinner than the first model and is a gun diamond; a .45 type pickguard in a minimal casing which, as far as I’m concerned, feels right. Aside from the way it is chambered in .45 ACP, the Glock 30S is perhaps my favorite intact pistol.

Why consider the Glock 30S?

The first and last reason for considering a Glock pistol of any variety is simplicity and reliability. There is no simpler and more solid pistol in the world than a Glock. On the other hand, the G30S is designed for covered transport – it’s the scaled-down adaptation of the mandatory Glock 21 pistol. So you should seriously think about the G30S transmission for its absolute concealability (it’s undeniably more modest than a G19).

You should seriously think about the G30S for its .45 load, as many people like to have smaller type settings rather than more modest hip type settings. In case you have larger hands, you should seriously think about the 30S for its great grip. It’s a super load .45 so it has a substantial hand-filling grip. Despite the huge load, the super load of large rounds in the magazine, and the large grip capacity, the G30S is a moderately light transport pistol at just over 30 ounces, stacked.

Glock 30S Specifications:

  • Type: .45 ACP (automatic)
  • Length: 6.96 “
  • Level: 4.8 “
  • Total width: 1.27 “
  • Slide width: 1 “
  • Barrel: 3.77
  • Trigger: ~ 5.5 lbs
  • Sights: Speck “U” design in polymer, customizable back
  • Weight: 22.95 oz. with empty magazine
  • Slide finish: black melonite
    Limit: 10 + 1 (9-round magazine can be accessed)
  • Cost: ~ $ 499 – $ 550 (often found for more and less)


Unlike the first G30: 

The Glock 30S is a slightly cropped variant of the G30. The essentials are the thinnest slide width (1 “instead of 1.12”) and the lowest slide build weight (it’s a whopping 3.5 ounces lighter than the G30 slide set) and with the SF profile, the 30S has a slightly more limited trigger range and overall grip range in contrast to the simple G30.

Glock 30S
glock 30 gen 4 problems

Shooting the Glock 30S

Comfort and controllability
The profile of the Glock pistol is not what many would call cute. Rather, it is doable, but it has the saving quality of being exceptionally easy to shape with a Dremmel sander for a wonderful fit and comfort. I accept that every Glock pistol profile needs to be shaped and textured, so that’s how my 30S is set up. So as far as I’m concerned, my Glock 30S fits the bill perfectly.

I hope some will see the G30S grip more beautiful than other Glock models due to its larger size. My medium size and I see the size and reach of the trigger as fine and elegant.

The .45 ACP round has a bit of punch compared to 9mm, and any .45 shot from an underrated polymer profile will convey a hint of pop. All in all, the G30S isn’t a bit brutal or wild. The slightly longer handle than normal and the non-abrasiveness of the plastic make the weapon very manageable. I have no difficulty shooting an accurate Bill drill as fast as possible with this gun and since its grip is legitimate, this is an easy firearm to control. Likewise, with consolation issues, the wrap can be shaped to account for better thumb capture to help with recoil management.

One thing I’ll mention is that while 10-round magazines consider a full grip on the gun for pretty much anyone, the 9-round flush magazine leaves a short enough reach that the little finger probably won’t have much to buy the hold. For those with big hands, the little finger could not buy in any way. The result isn’t as short as, say, a G26, but the way it is a .45 might imply that some people will want the full grip provided by 10-round magazines to help manage the kickback.

Concealment and capacity
I’m used to wearing a Glock 19 all day and find the G30S covers surprisingly better than the G19. This reality is largely due to the more limited understanding. The slide is roughly the same width as the G19, but the rim is slightly wider, but barely, and the distinction of concealability is non-existent. Overall, this is an easy gun to hide; and just a touch heavier than a G19. The G30S is a bit lighter on the belt if you carry it with the 9-round wire magazine.

Expanded medium aspect magazines are 10 rounds, considering 11 in your pistol. This limitation isn’t terrible at all, especially considering the conservative package and handle length. There are no bad things to say here.


Comparing the G30S to the G19

Components and Materials

In fact, it’s a Glock. The Glock 30S is built like any other Glock pistol and the casing is Gen 3 style. The recoil spring comes from the dual grip spring assortment. Like most Glock pistols, the G30S is equipped with rear U-rated polymer sights. You will likely need to replace these stock sights with some types of iron sights. The 30S slide is shaped like a rounded nose on the jaw door, but in any case it looks just like any other model. The slide lock switch and release tabs have an exceptionally low profile, providing the simplest and most elegant complement of external controls on the market.


Despite its simplicity and uncompromising quality, customization is the Glock’s most loved companion. Almost every retailer in the world produces new parts and finishes for Glock pistols, and if you’re willing to replace or upgrade parts, you’ll have the widest variety of options to choose from.

Note, however, that unlike some Glock pistols, the G30S does not have a reversible magazine discharge. If you are left handed, the G30S requires you to use the charger dump without warranties. It’s not an incredible problem, but it’s a departure from almost every other modern Glock model.

Glock 30s views

Some tips for customization:

Use a Dremmel device to form the base / side of the main resistance areas for the intersection side of the trigger gatekeeper with the housing. It has a HUGE comforting effect.
Texturing the carcass; both the grip and the anterior region of the thumb of the assisting hand. There is no gun on the planet (except the Glock RTF Surface!) That has an edge surface that offers enough grip when your hands are wet (from rain, sweat or blood) and the G30S is no special case. . A textured gun is deeply controllable and fun, to a level not found in any non-textured gun. Also, no, don’t use duct tape. If you don’t prepare yourself to melt it or reject it anyway, gripping the tape won’t help you much.
Replace the plastic sights with iron sights of your inclination.
Try not to replace the slide lock with an extended slide lock. It is a BLOCK and not a delivery. A long slide lock will make it difficult to control the weapon and prevent it from getting stuck in the last round of a clip.
Try not to place a module at the bottom of the handle. That opening is there to allow for thumb input to help clear the jammed magazine in the event of a double feed error.
Try not to replace the sliding stop with an expanded trapezoidal sliding stop. These stray too far from the edge and are uncomfortable for your hand when shooting and will kill your holster … and get stuck when you check your pistol. As for simply deleting fields, you don’t need to do it fast enough for an increase to matter.

Regarding maintenance:

Replace your reaction spring every 5,000-8,000 shots and use an implant replacement (specifically), not an aftermarket model of any kind.
Replace the trigger spring and slide lock spring every 10,000 shots.

For more maintenance guidance, check out this article on how to keep up with your Glock.

Glock 30S Carry

I introduced the Glock 30S a long time ago and it has been my everyday pistol for about a year. I used the pistol inside the belt at the 5 o’clock position with a 9-round wire magazine in the weapon and 2 10-round magazines in an OWB magazine pocket on the left side around 8 o’clock. This device covered very well underneath a simple T-shirt, thanks in part to the minimized idea of ​​the G30S with the wire charger. In fact, even with the standard charger, the G30S has a more limited grip than a G19 (which is now my daily carry), making it very easy to hide regardless of the carry area.

Fully stacked, the G30S weighs less than 0.4 ounces more than a fully stacked G19, at 30.36 ounces. It’s not terribly light, but for a supercharged .45 pistol, it’s somewhat surprising. I find that as long as you have a decent shoulder strap it’s not hard to forget you’re wearing it. Furthermore, it is not a talkative maxim, but a reality in the face of vast experience.

The Glock 30S is an easily concealable minimal .45 with limited size and weight. It is a solid gun as it was made and it is not difficult to modify; with a wide variety of aftermarket parts and affordable covers.

Some with more modest hands may find the grip oddly wide. Polymer stains are just asking to be supplanted by the irons. The cost could be a hefty piece for this weapon.

So, to evaluate the Glock 30S …

Shot (****)
It’s a Glock. It is not difficult to work with and simple to turn.

Ergonomics (***)
The Glock 30S is logically the coolest and most understated handgun Glock has made, but it really does require a little change to be a truly beautiful firearm. Accuracy (****)
It is logically more accurate than anyone who takes it back. I’m sure at 50 yards.

Reliability (*****)
There is no stronger weapon on the planet.

Personalization (*****)
The Glock 30S is among the most adjustable pistols on the planet.

In summary

The Glock 30S may not be for everyone, but everyone should try it. In case you like the round .45 ACP and don’t care about its strength profile, I think the G30S offers the ideal mix of size, weight, limit, reliability and concealability.

glock 30 sf

GLOCK 30 SF (short frame)
The GLOCK 30 SF in 45 Auto has a shortened carcass with reduced grip aspects. Its conservation plan and easy operation allow you to remove and handle the weapon without problems. Thanks to these benefits, the G30SF is one of the most popular options for casually dressed officials and security personnel around the world.

glock 30 holster

Badger Concealment Glock 29/30/30SF IWB Holster

Kydex holster with handmade internal belt for Glock 29/30 / 30SF. Comes standard with customizable maintenance screws, 1.5 “kydex belt cutout for easy on / off, full breathability control to protect your firearm and ease re-insertion. Badger Concealment’s Guardian Holster is the holster lightest around.Gun Badger Concealment is a veteran owned and operated organization.

glock 30 gen 3 Video Description

glock 30 extended mag

glock 30 extended mag
SGM Tactical .45 ACP 26-Round Extended Magazine for Glock 21, 30, 41

Increase your capacity while in range and take more shots with fewer reloads using the SGM Tactical® .45 26-round extended magazine for Glock® 21/30/41 pistols. Featuring a consumer-safe glass-filled polymer body with a solid steel casing, this charger offers uncompromising strength in harsh conditions, while the tempered steel spring and polymer backing ensure smooth and careful execution. Even better, the removable polymer floor plate features quick disassembly for convenient maintenance and cleaning.

glock 30 price

What is a GLOCK 30 Pistol Worth?

Currently, a GLOCK 30 pistol costs an average of $ 563.83 new and $ 433.83 used. The normal annual cost is $ 569.27 new and $ 431.72 used.

The new price of a GLOCK 30 pistol has dropped ($ 2.27) in recent months to a price of $ 563.83. The second-hand price of a GLOCK 30 pistol has dropped ($ 42.62) in recent months to a price of $ 433.83.

Interest in the new GLOCK 30 pistols has increased by 8 units in recent months. Interest in used GLOCK 30 pistols has increased by 17 units in recent months.

Estimated Value

* Condition of 80% to calculate the values ​​used.
* Type, barrel length, generations and secondary models can influence the cost of the product. Make sure your search is explicit enough to get the correct value.

Used New
Trade In $281.99 $366.49
Private Party $433.83 $723.83

glock 30 for sale image Description

Glock 30 Gen4 45 ACP Pistol - Habitat Africa | South Africa
glock 30 in hand

30 super carry glock

.30 Super Carry is a rimless pistol cartridge introduced by Federal Premium in mid-2022. [3] It was designed as a competitor to the 9x19mm Luger and .380 ACP for use in autoloader pistols, where its more modest aspects should allow for a more noticeable magazine limit without expanding the actual magazine size. The manufacturers indicate that the ballistic presentation of the cartridge matches that of the Luger 9 × 19. [4]

Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons noted that the .30 Super Carry is nearly indistinguishable from the more experienced 7.65mm long French cartridge, although federal manufacturers seem to ignore this and produced it independently. [5]

The round, when Federal first delivered it, was stacked at 45,000 pounds per square inch. [6] The maximum stress value for a cartridge is 52,000 psi. [7]

Among the main guns loaded in the .30 Super Carry were the Smith and Wesson Shield EZ 30 SC and the Shield Plus 30 SC. [8]

glock 30 accessories

Glock 30 Products & Gear – The Best Quality Holsters, Sights, and More at the Best Prices | Free Shipping

Important Product and Safety Information

  • Weapons purchased online are shipped to the nearest Sports + Outdoors Glocks Nation, as chosen in the payment cycle.
  • If that’s not too much trouble, keep in mind that all gun purchases require legitimate government-provided ID and gun-related documents.
  • Must be an occupant of the state chosen for the retreat.
  • We suggest the use of protective goggles while using or near using this thing.

What’s in the Box

  • Wire brush, poly rod, grip panels, lock
  • 3 magazines
  • GLOCK 30 Gen4 .45 ACP Pistol
  • Owner’s manual

glock 30 magazine extension caliber specification

UPC GDC0000011721
Caliber 45 ACP
Capacity 10 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 3.7 BARREL
Weight 1.2 LBS.
Finish BLACK

glock 30 gen 4 upgrades

The Glock 30 is a popular pistol but not the most flexible. This weapon has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s perfect for covered carry, but shooting well with one hand can be problematic. You cannot put your Glock 30 in its standard case, otherwise you risk damaging it and voiding the warranty. If you want to add some of the best Glock 30 accessories, read on Finding the best extras for your Glock can be confusing.

There are so many different options out there that you have no idea where to start looking. Also, some of these items are overpriced and don’t meet expectations, while others have weird designs or poor quality materials. It’s no big surprise why the overwhelming majority give up on seeing it as the ideal fit and go for something below average, all things considered.



3 reviews for GLOCK 30 S GEN 3

5.0 Rating
1-3 of 3 reviews
  1. Reliable firearm with spongy trigger

    Its a Glock which uses .45 ACP. Very reliable. The only complaint i have is the trigger, but that seems somewhat common to striker fire pistols.
    Will beat the price for any pistol around Will beat River view sports all day long can’t go wrong with GLOCKSNATION

  2. This handgun has the same firepower as the full size model in the same caliber, but is compact enough to conceal easily, AND it accepts the full size mags as well, so it is MORE versatile than the full size versions. What’s not to like? I highly recommend.

  3. very good shooter and accurate , love the gun overall

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