GLOCK 27 Gen 5 Semiautomatic .40 S&W Centerfire Pistol

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The Glock 27 has an overall length of 6.5 inches, which makes it an inch and a half more limited than the Glock 22. It is also 4.17 inches tall, more than an inch longer than the standard pistol. It measures half a kilo, not quite its larger relatives. It usually comes with a nine-round dual-section magazine, which is similar in width to the Glock 17 and Glock 22. On the other hand, if a protruding magazine isn’t a problem, you can also use bullet magazines. , 15, 16, 13, 14 and 22 rounds.

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G27 Subcompact | .40 S&W

An ideal backup firearm designed explicitly for covered carry, the GLOCK® G27 subcompact semi-automatic pistol offers the same health and reliability as a regular GLOCK in a size recently only used by small-nosed pistols. Like the larger GLOCKs, the G27 combines a more erosion-resistant, ergonomic and more ground polymer profile than steel with a sturdy cold-hammered steel carriage and a barrel coated with GLOCK’s innovative Tenifer.64HRC surface treatment .

The Safe Action Trigger Frame assembles a trigger guard, trigger bar, and termination pin lock that naturally deactivate in a steady progression when the trigger is locked. GLOCK barrels feature adjusted internal profiles for easier cleaning and long-lasting accuracy. Stacked camera pointer. Double activity. You stare.

We have a Glock 27 self-loading pistol involved available for purchase. It is chambered in 40S&W with a 3.25 “barrel. Comes as shown in the pictures with a holster, manual, case, quick loader, two 9-round magazines and one 15-round magazine. This is in good condition of use. Overall we would rate it at around 98%. Look at the photos and go ahead and call or email with any questions.

Incredibly accurate and controllable, the GLOCK 27 packs 10 readily available 40 S&W type bullets in a package small enough for a pocket or lower leg holster.

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Glock 27 gen 5


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Glock 27 gen 5 in stock

Arm yourself with the precision of the GLOCK G27 GEN5 .40 S&W Centerfire semi-automatic pistol. This pistol sports a 3.43-inch barrel and a polymer grip. The weapon includes an autoloading action, a 9-round magazine, and weighs 21.91 ounces.

Glock 27 for sale

The Glock 27 is that weapon. The Glock 27 is just a scaled-down form of the Glock 22 and uses similar ammunition to the larger pistol. Anyone ready to use a Glock 22, or any other Glock, can catch up with the Glock 27 in minutes. The processes of stacking, chambering, finishing and jam removal are the same, similar to the peeling strategy.


The Glock 27 has an overall length of 6.5 inches, making it more limited by over an inch and a half than the Glock 22. It is also 4.17 inches tall, more than an inch smaller than the regular weapon.

It measures half a kilo, not quite its larger relatives. It usually comes with a nine-round dual-section magazine, which is similar in width to the Glock 17 and Glock 22. On the other hand, if an expanding magazine isn’t a problem, you can also use magazine cartridges from 10, 15, 16, 13, 14 and 22.

The Glock 27 does an important job, bringing discrete capabilities to those who need it in a simple and highly reliable package. While it may not have the mag limit of larger guns, it can also go discreetly where other guns can’t. For those who require such a weapon in their specialty type decision, the Glock 27 has all the necessary qualities.

Glock 27 gen 3

The Overlooked Glock: .40-Caliber Gen4 “Smaller than expected” Glock 27

Single-stack 9mm and .40-type guns are the fury nowadays. I’ve surveyed them for this distribution and I like them. They are meager, conservative, low-withdrawing in the 9mm, simple to convey, simple to shoot, and they offer a piece higher ammunition limit than the five-shot .38 pistol. Each significant producer is offering their own renditions of the class in no less than 9mm. It is a “should have” gun that most of police and a rising number of CCW holders need nowadays. Furthermore, because of the significant FBI/Law Enforcement change back to the 9mm, the vast majority of the single stacks popular are in 9×19 type.

In the period of psychological oppression, it is fairly astounding that low-limit single stacks have turned into extremely popular. I have seen this firsthand throughout recent weeks while working parttime in the most active firearm shop in focal Ohio. In my initial three weeks there, I haven’t sold a solitary high-limit disguise gun, however I have sold a lot of the single stacks — including the new 9×19 Glock 43, which has become enormously famous as a reinforcement weapon for cops. This disproportionate interest made me investigate again at one of the first subcompact high limit Glocks, the .40-type Model 2, to rediscover its capacity as a guarded gun.

There are three of the first subcompact Glocks accessible, and they were extremely popular when they were presented — referred to in the guns press as “pocket rockets.” All are on precisely the same edge size and all will fit similar holsters. The three models are the 9mm Glock 26, the .357 SIG Glock 33, and the subject of this piece, the .40-type Glock 27. At some time, I have possessed each of the three of these phenomenal handguns, however never in the Gen4 setup. A Gen4 G27 was an unquestionable requirement for this survey.

Why I Chose the Glock 27

I picked the G27 in light of multiple factors. In the first place, I’ve viewed the G27 as the most reliable of the three unique subcompacts — thus have different commentators. Nobody is very certain why it is, yet it is. Second, I needed to refresh my path weapon before my get-away outing to northwest Michigan this year, where mountain bears and cougars wander about. While the 9mm cartridge has been viewed as comparably compelling as the .40 on human focuses by the FBI in late tests, a 115-grain 9mm won’t punch through as much weighty muscle as will a 165-or 180-grain .40. Third, I concluded I needed to have ten rounds of ammunition accessible as opposed to seven. At long last, I needed to get a .40-type gun to keep close by and convey just in light of the fact that I didn’t have one, so I bought a Glock 27 out and out, as opposed to acquiring an essayist’s example.

The Glock 27 accompanies two 9-round magazines and shows up void at an exceptionally light 21.89 ounces. Width of the G27 is 1.18 inches contrasted with a width of 1.02 inches, so the G27 is observably thicker because of its super load magazine. Barrel length is 3.42 inches. All Glocks have an exclusive treatment applied to the slide and barrel that is in a real sense rustproof. Despite the fact that Glock no longer purposes Tenifer in its completing cycle, I have just seen one section rust on any Glock new or old — post-retail steel sights — and this makes Glock extraordinary for near the-body convey in hot and sticky conditions.

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None of the subcompact Glocks have a light rail on their polymer outlines, the absence of which is fine. Assuming you begin adding rail lights, you begin decreasing disguise choices, which is the justification for the presence of these weapons.

I requested the base model with standard fixed Glock sights. A plain white dab rides front and center, and the back has a squared white “U” frame. Three-spot night sights are accessible as a production line choice.

Glock Gen4 Enhancements

The Gen4 upgrades are a decent expansion to a generally incredible handgun. The first is the expansion of improved finishing that is applied to the sides of the grasps, the finger groove frontstrap, and the backstrap. The second is an expanded and reversible magazine discharge button. The last Gen4 update is the main in my view: the Modular Back Strap System.

All polymer-outlined handguns (beginning with Glock) have been hampered concerning tuning the grasp to the shooter. Handguns with removable grasp boards have consistently permitted the shooter to effectively trade industrial facility holds for holds that more qualified the person in question. The main choice polymer-outlined handgun proprietors had were elastic sleeves that could be pulled over the grasp that additional a superior holding surface and some of the time finger grooves. The Modular Back Strap System is a vastly improved arrangement.

Each Gen4 gun accompanies four effortlessly supplanted backstrap overlays (not embeds) that jump into place with the expulsion of the pin at the back of the edge. The Glock framework permits the client to add beavertail and broadened backstraps to increment shooter solace and control. I added a medium beavertail overlay to mine and truly worked on the vibe. The casing of all Gen4 Glocks come set up for the “little” hand size. Adding backstraps builds the size of the edge at the back, better obliging people with bigger hands.

End on the Glock 27 Gen 4

The Gen4 Glock 27 is a significantly upgraded gun, however there are an options that I will add to it and examine in a future article. On the off chance that you are looking for a covered convey (or off the clock) gun, don’t ignore the Glock 27. It actually brings a lot to the table.

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Glock 27 22 round magazine  Video Description

Glock 27 barrel

Lone Wolf AlphaWolf Drop In Barrel Fits Glock 27 .40 S&W Threaded 9/16×24 Stainless Black AW-2740TH

Lone Individual Dealers has been a leading supplier of Glock accessories since 1998. Using CAD design and exact CNC strength, Lone Wolf builds the premium retrofit parts their customers require to showcase the majority of their weapons. As a result, Lone Wolf is perceived as one of the best entry points for new parts of reasonable value.

AlphaWolf rods set the benchmark for absolute precision and unwavering battle quality. It’s the pinnacle of what every shell maker strives to be. Details and features:
This is not a Glock factory product, it is a reseller exchange product.
Replacement Rod AlphaWolf Independent Person AW-2740TH
.40 S&O
Length 4.06 inches
Strung 9 / 16×24
Cord protector included.
Confirmed stress-relieved 416R stainless steel
3-step knurled button with sharp hole
Salt nitride finish
Intended for lead, plated or jacketed ammunition
matt black
Made in EE.UU.

glock 27 all ages

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Parts and parts that do not explicitly have Glock listed as a manufacturer are made by their particular organization. Such parts may be designed for use with Glock parts, but are not supplied by Glock, Inc.

Glock 27 Slide image Description

Glock Gens 3 4 5 by HectorEDefendi on DeviantArt
Glock 27 Gens 3 4 5 by HectorEDefendi on DeviantArt

Glock 27 price

What is a GLOCK 27 Pistol Worth?

Currently, a GLOCK 27 pistol costs an average of $ 516.26 new and $ 389.39 used. The normal annual cost is $ 529.64 new and $ 392.76 used.

The new price of a GLOCK 27 pistol has increased by $ 3.71 in recent months to a price of $ 516.26. The used price of a GLOCK 27 pistol has dropped ($ 46.15) in recent months to a price of $ 389.39.

Interest in the new GLOCK 27 pistols has increased by 20 units in recent months. Interest in used GLOCK 27 pistols has increased by 16 units in recent months.

Estimated Value

*Using 80% condition for calculating used Values.
*Caliber, Barrel Length, Generations, Sub Models may all affect item price. Make sure your search is specific enough to get the correct value.

Used New
Trade In $253.10 $335.57
Private Party $389.39 $516.26

Glock 27 caliber specification

UPC ECOM00202738
Caliber .40 S&W
Finish BLACK
Capacity 15 ROUNDS
Frame Material NOT SPECIFIED
Slide Material NOT SPECIFIED
Barrel Length 3.25 BARREL
Receiver Material NOT SPECIFIED
Receiver Finish NOT SPECIFIED

Glocks 27 upgrades

An upgraded Glock 27 firearm
smallest glock

Glock 27 Upgrades: Simple Steps for Enhancing Combat Effectiveness

Several months prior, subsequent to buying another Gen 4 model, I talked about the “failed to remember Glock 27.” Even however it has been overshadowed by the single-stack 9mm Glock 43 and different brands of minimized single-stack convey firearms, the Glock 27 actually has an elements that make it better than the single-stack conservative guarded gun.
The “Pocket Rocket”

Initially nicknamed the “pocket rocket” — alongside the 9mm Glock 26 and the .357 Glock 33 — the Glock 27’s standard magazines hold 9 rounds of strong .40-type ammo in a somewhat light, conservative bundle. One of the central things that made me purchase a trade for my unique G27 was the superb precision that I, and numerous others, noted from this gun. The essential sights are fair, just like the controls, however there are upgrades that can be made to improve the 27’s battle capacities.

I chose to get another Glock 27 because that I was pondering a fear monger assault that happened here in Columbus, Ohio in February of this current year. Luckily, the main casualty was the psychological oppressor himself because of Columbus Police officials after he escaped, albeit a portion of the clients were seriously harmed. Sadly, there were no furnished residents in the café at the hour of the assault. This was without a doubt because of the way that the café proprietor had a “no weapons welcome” sign posted on the entryway. The psychological oppressor clearly didn’t see it.

All in all, I supposed, on the off chance that I was in this present circumstance — sitting in a jam-packed eatery where an assault by an obsessive fear based oppressor against guiltless regular people is happening — what sort of effectively concealable battle gun could I believe in my possession should manage that danger? The solution to this question began with the Glock 27, yet there were a few things I needed to add to make it the most potential successful battle gun.

Updating the Glock 27 Sights

The main move up to be made was the sights. While the fundamental Glock sights are totally sufficient, there are a few better choices accessible. I feel that the absolute best are accessible from XS Sights — their Big Dot Tritium Express Sights, to be accurate.

I have been utilizing XS Express Sights on my obligation handguns beginning around 2006, subsequent to working with them on our airplane attack preparing program at our 727 Counter-Terror Training Unit. They are very quick and exact in swarmed, tight situation battle circumstances.

The front sight comprises of an enormous white speck that contains a tritium embed in the center. The back sight is a shallow “V” score with a white vertical stripe in the middle. While an upward tritium embed is accessible for the back, I lean toward the plain white back. In low-light circumstances, with quick activity at short proximity, all I need to see is that gleaming front spot on the focal point of the danger, which significantly works on the sight picture. Each of the one necessities to do in typical light circumstances to adjust the Express sight is to placed that dab into the shallow V-box and focus it on the objective. Appropriately adjusted, the white-speck front and white-stripe back will look like a “candy.” This additionally makes XS sights more straightforward for another shooter to comprehend — and get great hits with.

Blood red Trace Lasergrip Sights

The other thing I added to my Glock 27 was a bunch of Crimson Trace Lasergrip sights. While Crimson Trace has the new Laserguard and Laserguard Pro sights accessible for Gen 4 Glocks, they join to the triggerguard and require an extraordinary holster (which Crimson Trace incorporates). As of this composition, this significantly restricts my holster choices, which is the reason I went with a bunch of unique red Crimson Trace Lasergrips for my Glock 27.

The Glock Lasergrips are mounted at the back of the gun outline. There isn’t anything obstructing most standard holsters, as the laser module projects on the right half of the weapon something like an inch forward from the back. Accordingly they work without altering most standard holsters. I found that the Lasergrip-prepared Glock 27 likewise worked with my Gould and Goodrich B816 calfskin lower leg holster — albeit a limited quantity of extending of the thumb break was expected to inspire it to fit. On the off chance that I was situated in a café or any open spot, or I was driving my vehicle, my fastest draw would be from a lower leg rig. Despite the fact that the Glock 27 is at the greatest finish of the solace range for lower leg convey, the Gould and Goodrich B816 makes lower leg convey as agreeable as could be expected.

I introduced LG-852 Grips in almost no time and changed it so the red laser speck laid on top of my adjusted front sight at around 15 feet. Under ordinary inside lighting conditions, the red laser speck is exceptionally apparent and, surprisingly, quicker than the XS Express sights, as the need might have arisen. Take a gander at the danger and put the red (green Lasergrips are likewise accessible) speck on it — which is something you can do from a wide range of odd situations since the iron sights aren’t required. The best thing the laser sight speck permits you to do is to emphatically recognize companion from enemy, which is the reason we likewise furnished our guns with them for our counter-fear preparing program. With the XS sights as reinforcement (or as essential sights in splendid daylight), the blend permits you to rule the battle.

Remaining Modifications to My Glock 27

The excess alterations were less basic, yet at the same time significant enough to make reference to. Two of them are accessible from Pearce Grips. One is the Glock Grip Frame addition to occupy in the open space in the edge to the back of the magazine. I like shutting this space out since the opening is simply one more spot to trap soil or other material. The other was to add Pearce Grip Extensions to two of my three magazines. The hold augmentations add additional space for my pinky finger and further develop my general shooting grasp. I left one magazine with the standard flush-fit baseplate flawless in the event that I wanted most extreme concealability of my Glock 27.

The last option that I’m adding was not accessible at the hour of this composition — a Glock broadened slide discharge. My weapon shop was out, so I need to arrange it from another source. The little expansion of the substitution slide discharge permits my thumb to drop the slide without changing my hold. Also, indeed, I utilize the slide discharge for the reason John M. Cooking planned it for. When I triumph ultimately that last part, my Glock 27 will be flawlessness (in my eyes) for shielding myself as well as other people from any danger to need to be dealt with.


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G27 GEN 3, G27 GEN 4, G27 GEN 5

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  1. One is none a lot is better.

    Great if your in a commie state having plenty of these is good.

  2. One is none a lot is better.

    Great if your in a commie state having plenty of these is good.

  3. I bought glock switch and these magazines to compliment the 10-round magazines that came with my pistol. The 15-round mags are identical in dimension as the 10-round except for the capacity and function perfectly.

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