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The 92X Full Size takes the proven reliability of the revered M9 family to the next level. Integration of new pervasive ergonomic elements such as a standard straight backstrap profile profile to a new level and exceptionally finished wraparound grips included to meet most of the needs of out-of-the-box shooters.

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Beretta 92X Performance Defensive

Beretta 92X Full Size takes the demonstrated unwavering quality of the respected M9 family to a higher level. Consolidates new widespread ergonomic elements, for example, a standard straight backstrap profile outline with new profoundly finished level, fold over grasps included to fit most shooters needs from the outset.

The extraordinary Beretta 92 pistol has been in use since its delivery in 1975. The 92, however, had advanced over the years compared to other Beretta planes, mainly M1923 and M1951. The M1923 had the open sled configuration found on the 92 series, and Beretta first used the combined case and locking block barrel on the M1951.

There are several elements that were found on the early Beretta models, for example the coordinated front sight with the sled and the attachment point. Instant feeding where there is no feed slope between magazine and chamber originally appeared on the Model 84, a development of Beretta’s guns. The compressor, first introduced in 1935 on the Browning Hi-Power, was also central to the Beretta 92 plan, something that was not normal for self-loading guns in the 1970s.

92X Performance
Beretta 92X Performance


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Beretta 92X Performance Defensive


The famous Beretta 92 pistol has been in use since its delivery in 1975. The 92, however, had anticipated other Beretta designs over the years, essentially the M1923 and M1951. The M1923 had the open slide configuration found on the 92 series and Beretta first used the composite rim and locking block barrel on the M1951. There are several elements that were found on the early Beretta models, for example the coordinated front sight with the sled and the attachment point. Instant feeding where there is no feed slope between the magazine and the chamber had previously appeared on the Model 84, a development of Beretta’s guns. The compressor, first introduced in 1935 on the Browning Hi-Power, was equally important to the Beretta 92 piano, which was not normal for self-loading guns in the 1970s.

Beretta 92x pistol
The front and the backstrap of the 92X Performance Defensive model have the same checkering, and the frame has the same extended beaver tail found on the 92X Performance handgun.

The Beretta 92 was obtained by the US military in 1985, demoted as M9. The arrangement has had several varieties of designs over time. (Check out Aron Bright’s review of the Beretta 92X Performance model created by the Heavyweight Production division.)

In 2021 Beretta renewed the 92 series with the introduction of the M9A4 and 92XRDO models. These were weapons arranged with red touch optics directly from the propulsion system. The association also sold the 92X Performance Defensive (MSRP: $ 1,649). This model was expressly designed to comply with IDPA rules, where the Carry Optics division’s largest load is 45 ounces.

The 92X Performance Defensive has a knockout slide and the steel profile has been relaxed compared to the 92X Performance. The 92X Performance Defensive Advantage is missing the mark on the center Picatinny rail associated with other 92X models. Other weight savings come from unfortunate grips and a polymer guide bar in place of the steel guide bar found on the 92X Performance model.

Beretta 92X-style thin grips
The 92X Performance Defensive model sports what Beretta calls “aggressively textured 92X-style thin grips.”

Other equivalent elements are long controls such as stopping the “secret switch” slider designed to not break the defenseless grip. The “Match” removal switch with its extended edge provides an exact reference point for the thumb of the weak hand and the larger than usual magazine unload button is also recalled for this variation. However, the thumb values ​​that can be used with both hands are smaller; consider more a strategic dimension than a target style in the 92X Performance. (This is a component to know about the 92X Performance model, that the extended protectors do not fit the manufacturing division case and you really want to transform or modify it.)

The Defensive model incorporates the Xtreme-S Trigger system which is completely flexible. Combined with the lightweight skeletonized mace and competition hammer spring, Beretta has a discreet single-action and double-action firing system. In my computerized measurement from Wheeler Engineering, I hit the midpoint of 5.2 lbs, 8 ounces for dual serve and for single serve it was 2.4 lbs, 9 ounces. Reset is short for a DA / SA weapon with a strong wall and some stamina before a full break. In contrast to the 92X Performance, the reset is more limited in the 92X Performance Defensive, but the 92X Performance doesn’t have that bit of pre-pause creep like the Defensive does. By shooting them at high speed, you can’t tell them apart.

The 92X Performance Defensive model slide has similar serrated teeth at the front and rear to increase grip while controlling the slide. The Brigadiere’s slide has a reduction of the internal weight and is prepared in plan with the cut of the red dot. There are five affordable plate options that can be purchased from Beretta.

Beretta 92X Performance Defensive
Mounting plate options for the 92X Performance Defensive model cover all of the popular red-dot footprints.

The Beretta 92X Performance Defensive containers with two 15-round magazines, plus an additional set of thicker wraparound grips, the customizable aiming device, magnetic magazine and typical manuals and lock in a hard case. I purchased additional 17-round magazines, however I wasn’t able to get aftermarket base bearings in time for the shooting part of the survey.

Before bringing the 92X Performance and 92X Performance Defensive pistols into range, I weighed them on a computerized scale. The Performance with an empty 15-round magazine was 48.5 ounces and the Defensive was exactly 45 ounces with the Vortex Razor RDS fitted. I headed straight to the scope to try and copy a portion of the exercises Aron Bright and I did while testing the 92X Performance model in 2020. I made sure both weapons were located and switched to the Vortex Razor. This was also an opportunity to shoot the new 92X Performance Defensive model, as it was new from the container.

After about 100 adjustments, I placed the 10-inch and 12-inch plates at 15 yards for a distance of about 20 yards wide, starting at the focal point of the exhibit with the wrist below the belt. I first ran the iron sights on the 92X Performance model with times comparable to what I ultimately triumphed the last time I shot this barrel with this pistol. Nothing out of the ordinary, 4.24, 4.01 and 3.98, but I got all eight hits in every run. So I switched to the 92X Performance Defensive model and ran similar drills multiple times with seasons 3.94, 3.65, and 4.44. The slowest tempo was with two makeup takes; He was advancing beyond the point.

The mote level is a little higher than what I was used to shooting so I decided to invest a little more energy in getting the gun to work and get it on the 10 inch plate with a single shot to get used to tracking the dab. I spent about 50 rounds doing this and then added a second hit to follow the mote. After about 50 additional shots, I felt better about how the weapon fired. I stacked a few more magazines and reassembled the 10-inch plate, but added an advance to the 12-inch plate. He didn’t have too decent outlook at first with some misses going on. I reloaded the magazines and went back to remove them until I felt much better and better with the gun. I unloaded about 350 rounds of 150 grain Federal Syntech Action Pistol ammunition through the 92X Defensive model and called it a day.

Beretta 92x and Eley 9 mm ammo
The Brigadier slide has internal weight reduction and is milled for mounting red-dot optics.

On the next trip, I had the new 9mm Eley Competition ammunition (115, 124 and 147 grains), but I was in the internal range to test capacity and accuracy. It was 34 degrees outside and in the countryside of the city they weren’t stirring. I had 250 rounds for each bullet weight, but I was only going to fire 100 rounds per stack and save the rest to time and try out a few different firearms. With the magazines stacked, I sent the target to the 15-yard mark and continued firing groups of 20 rounds.

The Eley firearm and ammunition were exceptionally accurate with predictable 1.5 to 2 inch clusters using the CED shooting bag as a rest. I sent a message to Beretta J.J. Racaza on the Carry Optics deal in which he won the Nationals. I was running the red primed slide of the 92X Performance Defensive model in the 92X Performance casing, so I did the same thing and ran about 100 rounds of Eley 124 and 147 grain ammo. I preferred this arrangement better with the Eley 124 grit. When I got home, I timed this arrangement with a 17-round magazine and it weighed 49.9 ounces with the Vortex Razor fitted. The dab follows perfectly and the weapon’s heavy hit level weighs nearly five ounces more than the ready-to-use 92X Defensive model. With over 45 years of handling, reliability and performance behind them, the race-ready Beretta 92X builds are worth your consideration.

Beretta 92x full size  Video Description

Beretta 92x performance upgrades

The Beretta 92X contains the positive components that made the Beretta 92 such a phenomenal gun. These incorporate dependability, exactness and the idea of assembling. In any case, anything man-made can be taken to a higher level.

Beretta pistol with TruGlo combat light

The weapon is equipped with a dovetail front sight. This allows you to effectively tweak the rifle’s sight in contrast to the basic sight of the standard 92. When paired with a battle-style rear sight, it has an excellent frame for getting quick shots.

The rear sight is serrated on the rear face. It’s anything but a wedge type, not exactly, but you can attach the slider to a belt if you try. The viewfinder includes a red insert. The barrel is chromed and well delegated.

The Activity is the first tested shot of the Beretta 92 Dual Activity. Maybe a little softer than before and definitely suitable for some superb first-hit ability in quite some time. Some get the double boost action and some don’t; it should be mastered assuming you carry this weapon. This gun also includes an aluminum contour light bar for mounting combat lights.

The weapon includes a slide mounted decocker safety. With the sled positioned rearward, simply press the feeler switch and the hammer will lower without touching the trigger or hammer. The weapon can safely turn on or off, basically depending on the activation of the activity as soon as possible for well-being.

Vertec grip on the Beretta 92x pistol

The gun includes a positive discharge pin block and a Vertec style handle profile. This is a huge improvement in hand care and suitable for this shooter and most people with normal sized hands. Improved drive pin and updated trigger control. In any case, for those who prefer the first grip, an exceptional grip holster is incorporated that changes the Vertec handle to the standard size of the Beretta 92.

I like the pyramid style found on the front and back lashes. Dams offer a harmony between link and scraped point more towards scraped point. They work admirably and I can’t imagine anything that works better for maintaining control.

The weapon is supplied in a safety box with three 17-round magazines. In general, Beretta magazines are very well made and wrapped. The 9mm Beretta 92X disassembles in a similar way to other Berettas. Empty the gun, check the chamber as you move the slide back, flip the switch down and slide the slide forward. Force spring, recoil spring guide and barrel are effectively removed.

Rear sight picture on a pistol with a high rear sight

Overall this is an incredible gun. The single asset’s trigger pull was pretty close overall, enlisting 4.65 pounds on the Lyman trigger size. The dual activity press weighed 11.87 lbs.

I have widely discharged this weapon. I think it’s reliable, which is essentially a fact with a Beretta article. Since the Beretta 92 plan provides for a straight line feeding, the empty bulbs do not present feeding problems. Most of the ammunition used was Winchester USA FMJ with a decent portion of my stock dwindling from manual loads thrown.

Beretta 92x compact specification

Model Magazine capacity Overall Height
92X Full Size 17 rds 5.5 in
92X Centurion 17 rds 5.4 in
92X Compact W/Rail 13 rds 5.25 in
92X Compact 13 rds 5.25 in

Beretta 92x rdo image Description

Beretta 92x centurion price

What is a BERETTA 92X Pistol Worth?

A BERETTA 92X pistol has an average price of $ 701.82 new and $ 650.23 used. The normal annual cost is $ 679.39 new and $ 633.77 used.

The new price of a BERETTA 92X pistol has dropped ($ 8.78) in recent months to a price of $ 701.82. The second-hand price of a BERETTA 92X pistol has increased by $ 20.76 in recent months to a price of $ 650.23.

Interest in the new BERETTA 92X pistols has increased by 55 units in recent months. Interest in used BERETTA 92X pistols has increased by 12 units in recent months.

Estimated Value

*Using 80% condition for calculating used Values.
*Caliber, Barrel Length, Generations, Sub Models may all affect item price. Make sure your search is specific enough to get the correct value.

Used New
Trade In $422.65 $456.18
Private Party $650.23 $701.82
The Beretta 92X Performance is absolutely accurate enough for the distances often experienced in USPSA shooting. The meeting proved that the 92X Performance is an extremely decent shotgun that is up to the challenge of any weapon on the USPSA circuit.



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  1. Works like it is supposed to

    I will only use factory Glock Magazines. I have never had a failure using them

  2. I recently purchased KelTec sub 2000 in 40 S&W with a full auto switch and this mfr recommendation. It performs flawlessly.

  3. One is none a lot is better.

    Great if your in a commie state having plenty of these is good.

  4. One is none a lot is better.

    Great if your in a commie state having plenty of these is good.

  5. I bought glock switch and these magazines to compliment the 10-round magazines that came with my pistol. The 15-round mags are identical in dimension as the 10-round except for the capacity and function perfectly.

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