300 Win Mag Ammo For Hunting Elk, Deer & Other Big Game

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300 Win Mag for sale

300 Winchester Magnum cartridge detonated onto the scene during the 1960s and immediately outperformed more established .30 type magnum rounds like the 300 Weatherby Magnum and .308 Norma Magnum in prevalence. It has likewise shown a ton of resilience and stays a #1 among trackers all around the world right up to the present day.

Thus, essentially every large maker like Barnes, Black Hills, Federal Premium, Fiocchi, Hornady, Norma, Prvi Partizan (PPU), Sellier and Bellot, Sig Sauer, Remington, and Winchester creates a few unique variations of .300 Win Mag ammunition for hunting elk, deer, moose, bear, and numerous other major game animals.

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300 win mag


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  • 7.62×51 specification

300 Winchester Magnum

Some of the time a couple of examples require more deterrence than the old 30-06 or 308 Winchester commonly hand out. While the 308 Win. kicks up around 2,620 fps gag speed and 2,743 foot-pounds gag energy with a 180-grain slug, the 30-06 Springfield leaps out at 2,750 fps with 3,022 f-p energy. The respected 300 Win. Mag., which has been wandering the fields starting around 1964, wrenches that up to 2,950 fps and 3,478 f-p energy. The short, fat 300 WSM, delivered on a clueless public in the second year of the 21st hundred years, supports that somewhat to 3,010 fps and 3,621 f-p.

308 ammo For Sale Cheap


308 Winchester Ammunition is a just called “308 ammunition” by most rifle shooters today and is among the most well known adjusts utilized by American trackers.

An American-planned bullet without an edge, .308 ammo is the business or non military personnel rendition of the NATO 7.62×51 round. Presented in the 1950’s, 308 Winchester adjusts are most often utilized by trackers however a developing strategic group is embracing the strong type for use in carbines and other self-protection stages.

308win .308 Winchester versus 7.62 × 51mm NATO

While not indistinguishable, .308 Winchester and 7.62 × 51mm NATO military cartridges are comparable enough to stack in rifles loaded for the other bullet, however .308 Winchester cartridges are commonly stacked at higher voltages than cartridges administrative NATO 7.62 × 51 mm. . [12] Although the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI) does not deem it dangerous to shoot the business .308 Winchester is regulated in loaded pistols for NATO’s 7.62 × 51mm military round, there is a lot of talk about workable loads and strain. between the two cartridges in consideration of the powder charges, the chamber aspects and the thickness of the dividers in the region of the military network compared to commercial cartridge cases. [13] [14] Since the loads vary appropriately, the headspace controls used for the two chambers differ. [15]

.300 win mag Video Description


300 win mag vs 308 upgrades

Custom Rem 700 BDL in 300 Win Mag. The firearm has a 26 “Bartlein # 5R barrel. The stock is a HS Precision stock weighing 2.3 lbs. It has a Leupold VX-3 4.5x14x40 CDS rifle scope. Really happy with the gun. Not a huge amount with the extension.
The weapon fires a worn aperture at 200 yards, assuming I do my part. I have never had such a precise weapon and I may want to develop it.

The firearm weighs approximately 9 3/4 lbs stacked with the sling. I need to lose the Leupold scope and replace it with a Zeiss V4 (4x16x44) which adds about 9 ounces. The title has been proactively returned to Leupold for an adjustment or replacement of the erector. I don’t know how they treated him. I imagine the V4 would be a nice overhaul.

You may want to choose a McMillan stock with Edge filler which will give me a much improved stock and offset the weight of the extra extension which will bring me back to my starting weight.

300 prc vs 300 win mag Image Description


308 Winchester Ammo
300 win mag

7.62×51 specification

SpecificationsSpecificationsEdit. The overall cartridge length is 72.6 mm. The cartridge case length is 53.34 mm. The bullet diameter is .308 in …
Case length: 2.100 in (53.3 mm)
Case capacity: 80.4 gr H2O (5.21 cm3)
Bullet diameter: .308 in (7.8 mm)
Shoulder diameter: .538 in (13.7 mm)


What is a 300 Win Mag good for?

  • The . 300 Win Mag with a 150 grain lightweight snail, such as a Power Core, PowerMax Bonded or Power Point, can go up to 3390 FPS and is a fantastic round for wild hordes, pronghorns, Dall sheep and all different deer species.
  • The . 300 Win. the magazine wins here as it has the ability of the powder to deal with hits as heavy as 220 grains, moving them at the rate of 2,770 fps to produce a crushing energy of 3,800 foot-pounds.
  • 1,210 yards
    The . 300 Win Mag is used in long range bench shooting competitions and has been adopted by law enforcement and some specific parts of the US military for use by experienced riflemen. The most powerful range is generally recognized as 1,210 yards (1,110 m) with ammunition integrating low resistance rounds.

23 reviews for 300 Win Mag Ammo For Hunting Elk, Deer & Other Big Game

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  1. Works like it is supposed to

    I will only use factory Glock Magazines. I have never had a failure using them

  2. I recently purchased KelTec sub 2000 in 40 S&W with a full auto switch and this mfr recommendation. It performs flawlessly.

  3. best Xmas purchase thanks Glocks Nation you guys are the best

  4. so glad this came through to Saudi Arabia safe for that matter i will look forward in order more this time i will buy my bitcoin before placing order sorry for the delay with my order

  5. so glad this came through to Saudi Arabia safe for that matter i will look forward in order more this time i will buy my bitcoin before placing order sorry for the delay with my order

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300 Win Mag Ammo For Hunting Elk, Deer & Other Big Game 300 Win Mag Ammo For Hunting Elk, Deer & Other Big Game
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