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Taurus TX22 Semi-Auto Rimfire Pistol – .22 Long Rifle – 16+1 – Black

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The Taurus TX22 .22 LR semi-automatic rimfire pistol features a polymer profile and the Pittman Trigger System (PTS) with firing pin lock, manual and trigger guards. The autoloading weapon is designed with a 16-shot limit, a decent white dot sight, and a customizable white dot rear sight.


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Taurus TX22 Competition 22LR 5.25″ 16+1 Threaded Manual Safety TX 22

Tuarus TX22 Competition SCR (Steel Challenge Ready) is the next round of the Taurus champion .22LR autoloader. Taurus returned to the TX22 stage with a variation of the Target model from the TX22 competition explicitly planned to compete in the Steel Challenge.
The SCR TX22 Competition expands the first TaurusTX ™ 22 Competition model with its precision slide and match grade bull barrel. The “skeletonized” slide with a uniquely developed exhaust port is designed so that a red dot optic can be mounted on the barrel and help prevent any problems when firing empty bullets. This mounting design substantially improves accuracy over a slide-mounted optical stage. Two connection plates, each highlighting two mounting designs, are incorporated to interface with the main red dot sights currently available with the barrel.

The TX22 Competition SCR also has the accompanying elements:

The TandemKross Game Changer PRO square compensator adds weight for better balance and accuracy of the weapon. It also diverts some of the charge gases to counteract unwanted force and gag. The compensator discharges the gases in double 45 ° steps for better perception and control, as well as keeping the focal point of the red tongue free of gas, debris and debris.
TandemKross’s “Bird’s Talon” aftermarket extractor made from the finest solidified device steel for outrageous strength and extended life, ideal for contenders firing a high number of rounds. The custom bull barrel holds vibrations and intensity better, further developing accuracy during the match.
The custom feed slope includes high cleaning to further develop care and reliability.

Tx22 TX22MP Jessie Range Lede


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TThe most advanced Tuarus tx22 LR pistol on the market.
The TaurusTX ™ 22 is the most outstanding 22LR rimfire pistol available. Engineered to convey world-class accuracy and reliability, this polymer rimfire pivoting pistol fires and feels each piece like a uniquely tuned rival model, without exorbitant revisions or modifications.

22 pistol Tuarus Tx22

.22LR pistols

Our large selection of .22lr pistols will surely incorporate the ideal pistol for your next long range shooting match or pest hunt. Focus on rare costs today with investment funds that will leave you big bucks for .22lr ammo. Try not to miss this opportunity to claim an excellent gun from top manufacturers like Ruger, Smith and Wesson, Walther, ATI, Ruger, and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

5 Reasons the Taurus TX22 is a Top-Notch Multi-Purpose .22 LR Pistol

Rimfire pistols took a major step in a new direction in 2019 when Taurus delivered the TX22. It was followed for this year by the farewell of the first-class Competition model. If you’re curious about these rimfire rapid-fire rifles, the following are some justifications as to why the TX22 should be on your radar.

taurus tx22 for sale

The Standard TX22 closely mimics the size, features and functions of a variety of polymer molded firing pin pistols.

Assisted loader capacity
Single-stack 10-round magazines have been a standard item for .22 pistols since the Clinton-era boycotts wiped out a couple of 12-round magazines roaming the mall. With the checkerboard of individual state guidelines limiting more than 10 magazines, it appears the company generally abandoned the expansion of rimfire gun limits in the same years that 9mm guns were overstepping the super magazine limits. load.

The TX22 accompanies three 16-round magazines, which is no joking matter. The magazines have a smart plan that permits the edges of the cartridges to be moved to the left and right sides as the cartridges are stacked straightforwardly onto one another. This curve permits 16 rounds to squeeze into a polymer magazine that is just somewhat more extensive than customary 10 round magazines. The couple of TX22 magazines I tried all taken care of dependably with no mechanical issues.

simple administrators
We’re seeing more guns available that have been explicitly intended to be simpler to utilize, including the Smith & Wesson EZ Series centerfire and the Ruger LCP II Lite Rack Pocket Pistol rimfire. While the TX22 isn’t promoted as a simple to utilize gun, it has highlights that individuals will appreciate.

taurus tx22 threaded barrel
taurus tx22 threaded barrelWith its easy-to-rack slide, light-touch controls and assisted loading magazine, the TX22 is a pleasure to work with.

The TX22 is surprisingly light thanks to a sleek aluminum rail and polymer frame. The standard model points the scales at just 17.4 ounces. count a blank magazine. The pull of the trigger is close to 4 lbs. 10 oz with a soft environment. The carriage is not difficult to assemble and the magazine unload button, while stationary, does not require excessive tension to be pressed. The magazine devotees have help cards for loading. This allows the devotee to be pulled down against the spring with one hand while he stacks the cartridges with the other. This goes a long way in reducing finger irritation after a long shooting session. A useful replacement for 9mm defensive pistols
Although the TX22 is not a duplicate of a specific 9mm polymer profiled weapon, it has the normal look and feel of several well-known models. The 4 “barrel is mounted on a square profile sled with front and rear positioning teeth along with battle-type white dab sights. There is a thumb safety switch for people carrying firearms. Button on the serrated magazine is reversible for left – hand shooters.

The right trigger guard made has a flush face shape for use as a finger rest. The trigger has fundamental safety and a trigger force practically equal to that found on 9mm percussion pistols. The contour of the manual fill hold is shaped and finished like that of the mandatory firearms that military police corps are prone to. Perhaps the best component in this class is the 16-round magazine that keeps repeat reloading like one with super-loaded pistols.

The all-rounder competition model
In previous reviews I have referred to the possibility of a single weapon, i.e. pistols, shotguns, or shotguns that can meet the vast majority of your specific shooting needs within a given firing classification. The TX22 Competition model is currently in the running for the first aperture on my list of right .22 pistols.

taurus tx22 colors
taurus tx22 colorsThe TX22 Competition is tricked out with a bull barrel, open top slide and a fixed red dot optics mount.

The lower half of the Competition model is indistinguishable from the Standard model, which is how it should be. No progressions are required. The upper half has been refurbished. The standard 4.01-inch fixed barrel has been replaced with a target-level 5.25-inch bull barrel. The string clamp extends beyond the slide for use with clamp flywheels which include compensators and sound silencers.

The highest point of the aluminum slide has been opened to accommodate a red speckled optics mounting plate that attaches directly to the barrel. This leads to a better shooting situation because the scope does not move from side to side on the slide but stays straight based on the strength of the barrel.

In the end it was an exact mix during testing. I would be happy to see the clusters drift from 3 “to 3.5” in size when unloading a .22 creation gun. Utilizing a red dot optic to unload seat-supported 5-shot clusters at 25 yards, this version of the TX22 has a cluster seal of between 1.75 “and 2.50”. The TX22 Competition model can do it all, including relaxed plinking, sport shooting, .22 ring matches, small game hunting and very well can be used as a student for a protective weapon equipped with miniature red optics. .

It has a suggested retail cost of $ 533.33, which is a significant upfront cost over the sticker price of $ 348.43 for the Standard TX22. However, should you ever need the red dot option and the running boost provided by the 5.25 “bull barrel, it’s definitely worth the adventure.

The TX22s are “insect weapons”
In all honesty, this is a compliment. I initially heard the term “bug gun” used in early Glock pistol audits. It means the gun will handle, fire, and throw just about any ammo you decide to wield.

These pistols proved to be reliable with a variety of ammunition.

Rimfire pistols have gained notoriety for being choosy with ammunition, which means they jam more often than aimed firing pistols. This is largely due to so many contrasting grades of .22 LR ammo. Quality ranges from modest practice loads for bulk boxes to premium hunting blanks in various speeds including subsonic, standard, high speed, and hyper speed. As such, it is no small feat to build a .22 pistol that can function reliably most of the time.

Inside and out, the TX22 is a quality gun at a fair price.

I have downloaded many shots through the TX22’s Standard and Competition variants, including a large number of marks and rates of fire. The main problem I encountered was a lonely inability to fire due to a cartridge with a faulty base, which cannot be loaded into the weapons. These are the absolute and generally reliable .22 pistols I’ve worked with up to this point. For more information, visit

The price is right whether you are looking for a ready-to-use competition pistol or an enjoyable casual plinker.

Taurus tx22 problems Video Description

Taurus tx22 review upgrades

This is written in mid-2022, during the worst ammunition shortage most of us have ever experienced. The Taurus TX22 was an answer for continuous preparation and fun without spending every last dollar. Plus, without wasting valuable targeted firing ammunition.

In the case, the Taurus TX22 accompanies the standard floating case and the jetsam. Also common in many Taurus pistols, it comes in a cardboard box.

Taurus TX22 in the box
Taurus TX22 in the box
For a good, thorough, initial range session with the Taurus TX22, check out the video below.

Included with the firearm is a large, quickly unmistakable advantage. Two 16-round magazines. While the magazines have scroll buttons as an afterthought, a commonplace with .22 pistols, these buttons do practically nothing. They’re cut flush with the outline of the magazine, so give them a little help. However, this isn’t a big deal at all. Having 16 round magazines is serious right from the start.

Taurus TX22 16 round magazines
Taurus TX22 16 round magazines

Handling The tuarus TX22 Pistol

Anyone who follows the surveys I do know that I am an advocate of the complete and dignified mastery of any firearm, used in any condition. The Taurus TX22 does not discourage in this area. Pulling it out of the box, I was first dazzled by the full, decent grip, with no fingers protruding from the edge of the base.

It is, without a doubt, a normal pistol. Even the psychological question arose: “Can .22LR settings really cycle this thing?” More on that below. In any case, the handle is ideal for anyone with hands of any size.

After this survey, I used the firearm to help a woman who wanted to start working with guns, but she was very alert. I gave her this, did a couple of exercises and watched it, while in a few moments she was beating him. Punctual. She was small, with small hands, but with the right gear she took care of the huge hand calmly and confidently.

Comparing Taurus TX22 with hand size
Comparing Taurus TX22 with hand size
Taurus TX22 in a shooting grip
Taurus TX22 in a shooting grip

Features And Stats On The Taurus TX22

The TX22 .22LR gun controls are normal for most striker pistols. The image below shows the area of ​​its controls. The disassembly switch is GLOCK-style, with which you can pull the trolley back a little, lower the switch on both sides and let the trolley go forward, out of the casing.

Taurus TX22 controls
Taurus TX22 controls

Taurus TX22 Stats:Type: 22LR; Action: single activity; Shooting system: Striker; Frame size: complete; Barrel length: 4.10 inches; Weight: 17.30 ounces; Sliding finish: anodized black; Barrel finish: matt black; Slide: aluminum; Frame: polymer; Barrel: alloy steel; Titles: Manual (foldable), Striker and Trigger.

As you can see in the image below, the internals of the weapon are normal for any weapon fired by an attacker.

I have no idea what all the holsters anyone could hope to find for the TX22 are, but I have several GLOCK 19/23 holsters (an IWB holster and a Serpa series) that fit perfectly. You will most likely be able to spot compromised holsters for this. It’s just that I haven’t bothered with the time of this article.

Taurus TX22 internals
Taurus TX22 internals

The Taurus TX22 also comes with a threaded barrel, and insert, if you should happen to have, or are considering getting a suppressor. 

Taurus TX22 Threaded Barrel
Taurus TX22 Threaded Barrel

Sights on the TX22 are 3 white points. The front viewfinder is fixed. The rear sight can be customized for both drift and height. The Taurus now also supplies these competition-ready weapons ready to mount a red dot sight.

taurus tx22 drum magazine
taurus tx22 drum magazine

On The Range With The Taurus TX22 – .22LR Pistol

It had been a while since I’d bought a .22 pistol for personal use, entertainment, preparation. This advised me to want to remember how meaningful and frankly stupid the .22 is.

The firearm was tested with 5 different brands and types of .22LR ammunition. Something new. Some so old and badly used, actually had a wear that came off the lead bullets when I took them out of the box. With state-of-the-art Browning and Remington ammunition, he performed like a faultless old pro. There were hardly any problems with anyone but one guy, when a couple of breakdowns occurred.

Overall, I have fired between 175 and 200 rounds, without too many failures, with ammo so annoying that I would put this weapon against anyone, of any similar cost in terms of reliability.

Getting and staying on target with the standard grip, the long aiming range and, for the most part, single shot was easy. I placed it inside, with only a slight acclimatization to altitude on the rear sight.

I haven’t invested a lot of energy here to move forward. Up close, at about 25 feet, what you find in the image was satisfying for my next project.

The TX22 on steel. Shooting of the Taurus TX22 on Steel

In the long time I’ve been shooting steel targets, I haven’t given much thought to the .22 for that wonderful experience. On this day with this Taurus .22LR pistol, I found I was missing out on a great opportunity, no doubt.

The wonderful ‘rrrriiiiiiiinnnggg’ of the rapid-firing steel gongs, crossing the range, the .22 was just as rewarding as putting my mid-range guns on targets. Also, I knew that using this ammunition didn’t mean spending every last dollar and not wasting my ammunition on medium fire.

Mutual benefit in everything that ends with this weapon, at this distance, on this day.

Shooting a Taurus TX22 at steel targets

Using this nice, controllable, rapid-fire .22 was a strong encounter, with a pistol that paid off with performance I could happily display. The stupidity factor almost kept me out longer than I should have been there, however, like all good things, it had to come to a conclusion.

Finish it off with the Taurus TX22 – Although all gun investigations are stories and before you buy any based on audits, you need to check out several reputable sources. This is exactly what I did before buying this.

I can say that with the wide range of various positive polls on the web, I can add mine to the improvement in the position of this weapon. From my experience: recommended.

Taurus tx22 competition price

.22 LR TX-22 Taurus TX22 22 2-16 rnd mags od green with black splatter 4 inch ” barrel
.22 LR TX-22 Taurus TX22 22 2-16 rnd mags od green with black splatter 4 inch " barrel
LOCATION: Marshall, MN 56258 SKU:

Taurus tx22 accessories image Description

Taurus tx22 magazine specification

Discover the new Taurus TX 22 Competition model of our award-winning polymer pistol. This standard self-loading rimfire has been meticulously redesigned to meet the most demanding performance demands. The refurbished slide with red dot optics and the 5-string Bull Barrel groupset offer match-level precision and flexibility for any shooting discipline. Offering today’s ruthless shooters the rare opportunity to break records without spending every last dollar.

UPC 725327932741
Caliber .22 LR
Action SAO
Capacity 16 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 5.25″ BARREL
Weight 1.45 LBS.
Finish BLACK
Frame Material POLYMER
Slide Material ALUMINUM

Taurus tx22 holster Accessories

Toro ™ TX22; “Huge Advantage PRO” Compensator for .22LR · (253) · $ 59.99; TANDEMKROSS Pistol Bag with Edge / Edge “TandemKase” · (187) · $ 29.99; fiber optic front

All Inclusive OWB Leather Holster for Glock 17 19 43, Taurus G2C G3 G3C, M&P Shield EZ SD, Sig P320, Ruger Security 9 / American Compact

Blackhawk 419002BBR Omnivore Lightweight Bearing Holster 2. Cytac TX22 Holster 3. Magazine Magazine for Taurus TX22 4. Laspur Sub Tactical Rail Mount Laser Sight.

Taurus TX 22 and TX22 competition 3-point metal sights for Taurus G3 without steel sights, G2C, G2S, PT111 G2, PT140 G2, 709, 740, TX22

Find parts and flywheels for your Taurus TX22 and increase the utility of your unique weapon on the production line to the level of the competition. Your Toro all in one resource for all parts and finishes. … Viridian Essential Red Laser Sight Taurus G Series … Taurus TX22 22LR 16-round magazine.


While the TX22 isn’t marketed as a simple work gun, it has the elements that people will appreciate. With its easy-to-store guide, touch controls and assisted stacking loader, the TX22 is a pleasure to work with. The TX22 is surprisingly light thanks to a manufactured aluminum slide and a polymer frame.
The TX22’s viewfinders are 3 white dots. The front viewfinder is fixed. The rear sight is flexible for both drift and elevation. Taurus is also now producing these pistols that are competition ready, and prepped for mounting a red dot sight.
With the exception of the CP33, which has a 33 round magazine, and the S&W M & P22, which includes a 12 round magazine, each of the other reference models comes with a 10 round magazine. The TX22 ($ 350) comes with two 16-round magazines in case you want to start noticing the evidence.
The TX22 was designed by American specialists and is manufactured in the Taurus USA offices in Bainbridge, Georgia and Miami, Florida.

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