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Ideal Conceal Cellphone Pistol

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The Ideal Conceal IC380 Cell Phone Pistol

Ideal Conceal is a pocket pistol with a one-handed folding grip. When collapsed and unsuitable for fire, the weapon mimics the presence of a cell phone. It is manufactured by Ideal Conceal Inc., of Monticello, MN. [3] Ideal Ocultar has drawn attention and scrutiny in light of concerns about the similarity to a PDA and potential legitimate and security issues with law enforcement. [3] [4] [5] Due to a combination of parts and revenue issues, the organization halted creation and closed in 2022.

The Ideal Conceal is a derringer-style pistol that holds two .38-t

ype barrels, loaded for .380 ACP cartridges. It is dark, with a plastic exterior and a metal core. [7] It is the size of a Samsung Galaxy S7 and has a handle that folds down to give it the presence of a mobile phone when not in use. [7] When compressed, it crashes, so it can’t be undone. The one-handed grip acts as a comfort and is held with a catch. To prime the firearm, the one-handed grip must be physically opened, so the firearm generally assumes the presence of a traditional pistol, which meets the prerequisites for a firearm under national firearms law.

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Find phone firearms stock images in HD and a host of other free eminence photos, outlines and vectors in the Shutterstock collection.

The historic Concealed Ideal is a carefully designed double barreled .380 type that people can safely carry in their bag or clip to their side. Cleverly designed to look like a cell phone, but with a single safety tick it opens and is ready to fire. The article was planned with safety as a priority. A brand that everyone can trust, a part they can trust, finished and rebuilt. One-piece construction, lightweight Simple design and hassle-free operation High speed, higher precision Hammerless development for added safety.

What would you consider a firearm that you could carry on display, that was actually open in the back pocket or holster of a belt and could not attract the slightest attention? No one would give it a second look, regardless of whether you were in a shirt, no coat, and they were standing next to you in line at the grocery store, or whether you were wearing only shorts. and shoes for playing Frisbee in the recreation area.

This undetectable firearm could save your life in a busy situation where its appearance would have a profound impact on an assailant. Since it is inaudible, no one you communicate socially or expertly with ever notices that you carry a weapon of self-preservation in the same way. When gun ownership is compared to misbehavior and pandemonium in residents’ personalities, this subtle firearm could save your client from a great deal of mindless social erosion. This idea of ​​an undetectable weapon made Kirk Kjellberg’s brain boil and led him to create a double-barreled, .380 ACP Derringer with the presence of a typical cellphone. Kjellberg modeled Ideal Conceal to produce his extraordinary weapon.

“The main rule of firefights is to have a firearm.” This is perhaps Jeff Cooper’s most popular statement. The well-known lawyer-turned-master of strategic shootings stressed that self-protection begins with “self”. Does it seem obvious, acceptable? However, in the new abandonment of deplorable coordinated mass shootings of innocent city occupants in crowded public scenes by disturbed shooters, it does not create the impression that someone on the less than desirable side was ready to retaliate. Police responded skillfully to these attacks, but the pace and injuries caused by the shooters were hesitant. In Dayton, Ohio, the police showed up at one point and killed the killer, but not before he shot 36 people.

In El Paso, Texas, Walmart, the police took more than six minutes to arrive and the assailant put 46 people at risk. At the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California, the assailant shot 13 people before police killed him, less than a moment after his rampage began. On that occasion there was a significant security police presence, which evidently did not prevent the attack. In any case, it is not possible for anyone to be fully prepared to handle insanity. Nor is it possible for anyone to guarantee your safety and well-being in a public place, no matter how honest they make an effort. Your safety usually depends on you.

CONSIDER WHAT CAN HAPPEN in Dayton, El Paso and Gilroy, if only a great fellow so pitiful as to be available for these serious and insane murder robberies had been rigged up and fired a single shot as a result. Suppose the big boy’s single shot missed the attacker’s target and hit the wall harmlessly. Could you ask the redirected attacker to focus for a moment, make him stop, hide or maybe retreat? It may have saved some lives or it may have cost more. We cannot be aware. Either way, however, it would have been a display of dynamic obstruction, a brave effort to stop the dangerous frenzy.

Saying this is not to say that any private resident should show courage in such circumstances, but some did, despite being unarmed. Soldiers come close to firearms, but ordinary residents generally don’t. Children, adults or the elderly, whether they are soccer mothers or welders, transporters or short-term cooks, cannot be examined to escape like the devil from a dangerous circumstance.

This is essential for nature’s “instinctive” response shared by all living and thinking animals on Earth. What could you or I do in such a circumstance? It will likely depend a lot on the conditions: alone or with relatives, near or far from the attacker, furnished or unarmed?
The battle is the opposite side of the endurance impulse we as a whole have. Assuming we should battle, being furnished works on our possibilities remaining alive.

In the event that you expect you can keep a computing sound judgment in a perilous circumstance, you likely likewise accept at least for a moment that being equipped will consider along with your selection of activities. Regardless of whether you have what troopers call “coolness enduring an onslaught,” being equipped essentially empowers you to retaliate when you have no other decision. An old armed force colonel I worked for quite a long time prior once told me, “Even a rabbit will battle when it’s cornered.” Personally, in the event that I’m ever that rabbit, I need to be an equipped rabbit.

What this multitude of ongoing shootings shares in practical terms is that they have taken place in metropolitan and rural settings where much of the population has negative feelings about gun ownership. Just because a person lives in a densely populated place does not mean that he is hostile to the armed idiots of the Democratic Party, as much as he is, he most likely is, and he is also likely to be unarmed. This doesn’t make them terrible people. They are usually simply oblivious despite the prerequisites for education and refined judgment often illustrated by the richest and wealthiest.

I live in rustic Kentucky, but I listen to these misguided and defenseless unfortunates all day on National Public Radio. Assuming you have to live and work in American urban communities and densely populated regions, you have some people left there. You will need to educate them in skillful gun possession and safeguard the Second Amendment to the Constitution, but assuming you do it to the extreme, it can have real ramifications for your social and professional life.

I recently went on a night out with longtime friends in New Jersey who have recently started target shooting and target shooting with enthusiasm. However, I was also warned of their advantage in getting a gun for other visitors’ self-protection. Too bad they thought they had to keep their new revelations about ownership of mysterious weapons to themselves for the sake of friendship.

THE SOCIABILITY OF firearm proprietorship was one of the elements that Kjellberg gave impressive idea to in planning his weapon so it wouldn’t seem to be a firearm by any stretch of the imagination. He made the mobile phone gun for individuals who don’t convey weapons at all since they live and work in regions with solid social enemy of firearm predisposition. Living in a liberal suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, he’s noticed direct the negative mentalities toward the shooting sports and the Second Amendment usually held by urbanites and developed by their Democratic regional authorities and liberal news media.

Kjellberg made the IC380 PDA gun as a method for the individuals who need to legitimately arm themselves for insurance, to do as such with greatest prudence, and stay away from the malevolence and social aftermath of struggles with their enemy of firearm neighbors, colleagues and business contacts.

It’s a specialty market maybe, however so were sword sticks in the nineteenth 100 years. As a two-shot derringer, the IC380 is not a Glock 43. However, this was never Kjellberg’s goal. His goal was to convince people who do not exercise their right to sell a camouflaged firearm for self-preservation to start doing it and keep doing it too.
“I don’t expect or support those who currently legitimately offer bigger, more powerful limit guns and self-protection guns with self-stacking to upgrade to the IC380,” he says. “I don’t care what you convey. I just need decent residents to broadcast because they generally make us feel safer when they do. ”

I will grant interest with smart plans. A .380 ACP Derringer disguised as a cell phone is the kind of thing you’d expect to find in the next James Bond movie. This is certainly important to its appeal and has created an uproar inside and outside the local shooting range. Experts, for and against firearms, say it risks destroying people in conflict with the police or that a threat to children is prone to playing with handhelds.

The reality of the situation will come out at some point, I suppose, however I foresee that this should be the situation. I accept that the IC380 is indeed the first of many more camouflaged self-preservation arms to come. IN THE RANGE, my test pistol worked reliably and proved easy to use, as well as accurate enough for safe self-protection when firing at 7 yards. It is also designed as a bank vault. To be sure, Kjellberg drove his minivan more than once and the main damage he noticed was a few small scratches on the dark, hard anodized finish of the weapon.

The two-section profile and the pivoted barrel block are made of machined aluminum and the cover support is made of sheet steel. The barrels are hardened steel sleeves inserted into the aluminum block of the barrel. The remaining parts are solidified steel composites. The parts of the carcass are loosely joined, adherent and largely fixed by the penetration of the soil by a tongue-and-groove joint.

To fire the weapon, the sheet metal grip is first lowered so that it locks into the contradicting ball-stop catches on the left and right side. When locked, there is a limited amount of wobble between the grip and the edge, but I found it unnoticeable at rapid fire. The grip point during transport makes the IC380 a very intuitive pointer. The open-front, rectangular, sheet metal grasp won’t set the norm for shooter solace, yet it will not prevent its proprietor from range practice either since the .380 ACP’s backlash is gentle. The grasp really accommodates preferred command over a ton of subcompact 9mm


ideal conceal smartphone

If you can take your “weapon” with you everywhere without others noticing that you are doing well, you have come up with the best insurance. When it comes to self-protection, you want a solid weapon that’s usually with you. Ideal Conceal is a mobile phone gun that transmits covert recognition and genuine security.

If someone is about to attack you or if you fight, someone may be chasing your gun to try and incapacitate you.

ideal conceal vs lifecard

Collapsing Guns: LifeCard Shipping Now, Ideal Fall Coverup

Below are some of the earliest video surveys of two collapsed self-protection pistols, a two-shot .380 and an ultra-small single-shot .22LR.

The LifeCard (top) is shipping now, the Ideal Conceal is expected to begin shipping by the end of the year.

The next month, we will provide details on a thriving model in the world of self-preservation weapons: the collapsed firearms. Last week we showed you that the model is not limited to just handguns, but at the same time insinuates itself into the world of rifles with the collapsing AR F&D XAR Invicta.

Here is an account of two collapsed weapons, one long overdue and at the center of some debate, and the other is a more topical idea that has not encountered similar obstacles.

The first is the firearm that has stood out as truly noteworthy in constant bets since his idea was introduced: the Ideal Conceal “cordless pistol”.

When new insights into the looming gun (a model didn’t yet exist at the time) and its exhibition trap made headlines, gun-hostile lawmakers and activists like Chuck Schumer were categorically against it, saying it would be serious about surveillance. .. for unknown reasons.

The .380 two-shot mimics a cell phone when the socket has collapsed, in case you are 10 feet away and have never seen a cell phone, but it can be sent quickly in a crisis self-protection situation, and that’s all it would be great for, however it incorporates simple fixed sights. The barrels tilt ready to be stacked and the weapon cannot be fired without the handle fully open. The gun also includes drop protection and a long trigger guard for added safety.

While they aren’t designed as primary defensive firearms, these ultra compact, ultra-light pistols could have a place as a last line of self defense.

However, the situation for its use is as follows: you are robbed, say, by a man with a blade. He already has a gun with you and you’re not Doc Holliday, so he’s too close to give you a good enough chance to draw your secret weapon. Ask for your cash, your keys, your phone. Instead of pulling out his original phone, he brings out the hidden ideal and, in the middle of the robbery, the troublemaker won’t see that he doesn’t have a screen. You drop your wallet and keys, giving yourself a brief moment to open the handle and you are now equipped with two shots primed and ready. Or then yet another number of comparable circumstances.

The Minnesota Derringer is expected to do a deal in mid-2016, but customers have been suspended.

According to this story, Kirk Kjellberg, CEO of Ideal Conceal, apologized for the referrals in an email on Monday and stated that a limited run of “two or three hundred” guns would be delivered by the end of. November, followed by a 1,000-gun Race in January 2018. Creation will increase from then on, it is said.

From history:

Kjellberg said the organization is taking its show and will hold public screenings starting September 1 in Charlotte, North Carolina. 27. Different dates are scheduled in Winston Salem, Chattanooga, Nashville, Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, Kansas City and Des Moines through October with additional dates to be declared via web-based entertainment.

It drew criticism from those who hate heavy weapons specialists as they ensured that thugs with a firearm that appears to be a prison cell would put the police in serious danger as they clearly would not have been equipped and could actually carry out the same activity that was portrayed in the robbery situation above. In any case, as many have already said, the Hidden Ideal really presents no more risks than any small disguised pistol when carried by a thug.

In addition, there are many more modest firearms with a much higher limit. In case you don’t mind some very NSFW language and some troublesome firearm safety with the use of spaces (or maybe your CG), the folks at Tactical Sh # t did an Ideal Hide video survey here, which includes the aforementioned robbery situation. ..a bit. According to them, Ideal Hide’s future emphasis will include an integrated laser sight.

ideal conceal review Video Description

ideal conceal where to buy

Broadcast with confidence, hide with style. The best weapon is always the one you have with you.

Nowadays, carrying a hidden weapon has become a necessity. Either way, imagine a scenario where you don’t have to hide.

This is where Ideal Hide comes in. Cell phones are EVERYWHERE, so your new weapon will easily adapt to the current climate. In its locked position it will be virtually unnoticeable as it flies under the radar. ~ Always have a look at the camouflage regulations of your state and surrounding areas. ~

No one should be in a frightening circumstance that can expect you to protect yourself by showing violence. However, as the famous maxim goes: “It is smarter to have a gun and not need one than to need a gun and not have one.” With the newly produced hidden ideal, you can take your weapon with you to any event.
Of all the holstered and carry pistols on the planet, Ideal Conceal is the best!

ideal conceal release date

A Monticello manufacturer is introducing a two-shot firearm that is supposed to resemble a PDA.

The Ideal Hidden Carry type .380 double barrel pistol features a one-piece profile with a laser sight and belt pattern.
The derringer-style pistol appears to be cordless when folded, however it is designed with a rotating handle that reveals the trigger.

Ideal Conceal CEO Kirk Kjellberg plans to start selling the firearm for $ 395 starting in the fall of 2016, he said in a meeting on Friday.

Kjellberg, who has a permit to sell a secret weapon, thought about it after a person saw his firearm in a bar and discussed it. I need to find a better way to do it, he thought.

An “agricultural engineer” who imagines he registered Ideal Hide Inc. in the state in July, show free reports, and has been undermining the idea since August. He sold his insurance exchange business and has invested nearly $ 50,000 in the idea so far, which should be enough to create the weapon.

Scheduled Shipping Inc in Big Lake is putting together the mechanisms for the gun and hopes to have a model ready for fire by May. It keeps the organization simple and postpones the transfer date from mid-year to ensure that the main things are of the best quality and limit safely.

“It’s an immense amount of work to make something out of nothing,” she said.

Kjellberg chose the .380 type to keep the firearm’s size and strength delicate, however, he said later variations could require larger ammo and have higher breakpoints with the autoloader cycle.

“The solution is to make this a continuum” that starts with something simple and reliable, he said. “The .380 derringer is one of the main areas of strength, so it appears to be … accepting that you can’t create a ruckus in the city [with it], you’ll never get into business. ”

He trusts that the final test is to tackle the problem and shift his thoughts from his other startup, Microwave Utilities Inc.

He has three people working for him at Ideal Hide and has recently received over 4,000 messages communicating interest, including a desire to buy as soon as possible.

“I’ve never had people mad at me because I’d rather not take their money,” Kjellberg said.

Minnesota regulation requires rewards to distribute weapons without any attempt to be underhanded, disguised, or broadcast directly. Officials across the country have moved to boycott cases of cells that appear to be weapons, however, given the mission’s effect on firearms, they may be less willing to look for weapons that appear to be cells.

Kjellberg describes the pistol as a “concealment only pistol” that will not be able to fire when it looks like a phone, only when the magazine is open and the trigger is uncovered. Additionally, the U.S. Homeland Security Division has contacted him, however, and said the weapons will trigger metal detectors and will be as clear as firearms when X-rayed.

cell phone gun image Description

Ideal Conceal

iphone gun upgrades

However, Perfect Hide recently posted a report on YouTube, claiming that they have finally fixed the bugs so that the two barrels can be reliably finished on an ongoing basis. Clearly, this is a leap forward.

However, they are not yet ready for creation. They will now work to make the weapon lighter and lay out a plan of the parts so they can build shapes and start structuring them. Also, there is something worth being thankful for these poppers: the site says, “100 percent American-made, 100 percent American parts, 100 percent American-owned.”

Keeping the jobs and benefits here at home is great.

conceal price

Ideal Conceal
Designer Kirk Kjellberg
Manufacturer Ideal Conceal, Inc.
Unit cost $575 (July 2018)
Produced 2018–2022

ideal conceal gun accessories

Cell Phone Gun Holster $ 59.00 Learn More · Kydex Cell Phone Gun Holster: Black. $ 59.00 Learn More · Kydex Mobile Gun Holster: Flag design.

Our laser allows for simple aiming, adding certainty and accuracy by essentially pointing your red laser pillar at your target. Classification: Accessories. The wait is over! Holsters and pocket clips are currently AVAILABLE and ready to use! Our continuous work of determination for the IC380 and IC9mm.

The ideal hidden firearms for phones are not difficult to use, protected, delicate and come with various accessories to suit any lifestyle or need for self-storage.

ideal conceal 380 specification

The Ideal Conceal is a pocket pistol with a one-handed folding grip. When collapsed and unable to fire, the weapon mimics the presence of a cell phone.
Ideal Conceal
Length 5.5 in (140 mm)
Barrel length 3.5 in (89 mm)
Width .75 in (19 mm)
Height 3 in (76 mm) folded 5.1875 in (131.76 mm) open


Ideal cover image result
The Ideal Conceal is listed at $ 575 on the organization’s website. Look at the gun specs, provided by The Firearm Blog in a survey two to three months earlier.

At just 0.71 inches wide, the Beretta Pico is arguably the thinnest pistol available and possibly the smallest option ever for stealth carry, making it a good choice for pocket use.
The rule is that you should carry the smallest weapon with the largest type that you can shoot well. If it’s a 9mm single-battery subcompact, that’s fine. Assuming it is medium in size. 45 ACP like Smith and Wesson M & P45C or any brand of Commander 1911, that’s fine too.

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  3. The product is firmly packed.

  4. best Xmas purchase thanks Glocks Nation you guys are the best

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